6 Tips for filming on your phone

March 12, 2020

Learn how to create professional videos on your phone

We’ve witnessed in recent weeks across the globe major disruptions to the way we work and connect with our employees and clients. Enterprises have banned travel indefinitely and workforces have become distributed with offices being forced to close. During this time of anxiety and uncertainty, it is vital that companies don’t slow their communication down. In fact, you should be over-communicating more than ever. Video is the most effective way to communicate at scale across your organisation, no matter where your employees or clients may be located. Timely comms helps alleviate anxiety in your workforce as well as creating transparency with your clients. So how can you achieve this when your team isn’t operating at the “business as usual” rate? You create video on your mobile! Follow these easy 6 steps to make professional video content on your mobile phone.
1. Choose a good background

Find a quiet space that isn’t echoey and make sure we can hear your talent. Filming in a well lit area will greatly improve the quality of your video. Where possible, face the light but avoid lighting that produces shadows on your talent’s face.

Try finding a location that has an interesting background. Depth and colour are often more visually engaging than standing against a white wall. Think about what your video is about and if there are any backgrounds that will assist your video’s message. Like filming a business update inside your office.

2. Shoot horizontally

If you are not planning on uploading your video straight to social, it’s best practice to film your video horizontally. You can set up your phone on a tripod or use a gimbal to keep your phone steady and level whilst your filming.

3. Keep your phone level
If you want to avoid giving your audience a sore neck, then keep you shot level throughout your video. The best way to do this is by adding gridlines on your phone’s camera, before you begin filming. You can access this feature either in settings or within the camera app itself, depending on your phone.
4. Capture the best audio possible

It’s important to first find a quiet location to film in. Then make sure to position yourself close to your talent. The farther you are away from them, the harder it will be to hear and the more ambient noise you will pick up.

There are solutions you can find to capture high quality audio on your phone. For example you can get an adapter that will allow you to use a professional mic.

Or you can even plug a lav mic into a second phone and just record audio. Your Shootsta editor can sync the video clip with the audio file in editing.

5. Check the focus

Usually, your phone is quite good at finding and focusing on your talent. But if you wanted to take full control, then you can set the focus manually. Just tap the subject on your phone’s screen that you want to focus on. Then hold down your phone’s focus square to lock it in place. Everything within that square is in focus and it will stay in focus, as long as you or your subject doesn’t move throughout the video.

The focus square also controls the exposure. So locking the focus also locks the exposure. This means if your shot suddenly got brighter or darker whilst you are filming, your exposure will not change to correct it. So just keep this in mind when filming using natural light.

6. Double check your video

Play back your video clips to make sure that you can hear them clearly and that you’re happy with how all your shots look.

If you find that you are missing a clip or you aren’t happy with a take, then reshoot whilst you’re still set up. This will be much easier than having to organise a reshoot later.


Videos made on a phone

Need some inspiration? Here are some example videos made by Shootsta clients. Let them inspire you to create your next piece-to-camera, an interview, social and even event videos on your phone. Have questions or need help? Get in touch we’d love to help!  

How to study from home – Western Sydney University

Great example of a tutorial video for social including a piece-to-camera + fun cutaways. Shot on the Shootsta Mini and the Shootsta Kit.

Interested in simple, fast and effective video? Shootsta can help

Interested in simple, fast and effective video? Shootsta can help

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