If you’re not shaking up your internal communications with video, don’t worry 43.6% of companies aren’t using video either! Do you even really notice when new changes or products are announced via company email or via your intranet? *Ahem, me neither! (Don’t tell anyone though)

According to a research done by Melcrum.com, more than half or 66.4% of internal communications professionals (ICs) reported using videos to support their internal communications strategy.

Thanks to advances in video technology, it’s more accessible to the any before. We are witnessing a fast adoption of video and seeing it integrated into existing marketing, communication and content strategies.

Why? Well for starters it’s more engaging than the traditional email, memo, fax or even document. To top it off, thanks to multi-media and smartphones, it’s now able to be consumed anywhere, anytime.

(Imagine when communications looked a lot this, with Kermit!)

Not only is it able to the be consumed at a time when it’s convenient, thanks to Shootsta’s Kit and Mini Kit, brands and organisations have an always-on video content solution close by.

Video is more powerful at communicating messages than the written word. A Forrester report concluded that “one minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words“.

A one minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words

With a communication tool as powerful as that, I personally would prefer to watch a one minute video than read the equivalent written version. How about you?

With that said, keep on reading, as this article covers 5 easy ways to transform your existing, and potentially dull and mundane, internal communications into something that engages, informs and at the end of the day is easy to consume.

5 Ways Internal Communications Teams Can Use Video

Because every organisation has their own internal communications strategy, not all video types will be applicable, or even feasible to produce. Most of the videos Shootsta clients produce, however, are internal videos for things like training, business updates, company announcements, events etc. Want to see some examples? Head on over to the videos page of our website.

1. CEO Update’s

A quick Google search on CEO videos would reveal that global giants like Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon are on top of their communication game. CEOs are notorious for their privacy and killer work hours, so people are naturally curious as to what they’re normally like.

CEO video messages not only satisfy that curiosity, they also build trust. A study conducted by Ragan Communications revealed another benefit, that video is the reason why 44% of their employees are more engaged with senior executives.

Over here at Shootsta, our leadership team spread across the UK, ASIA North America and Down Under all shoot quick updates and post them in our Slack channel quite regularly. This makes a lot of sense considering were growing at an exponential pace and we’re across multiple time zones and it’s just plain hard to hear whats happening all the time.

2. Education and Training

Aside from enhanced learning, videos also reduce training time and cost and can be available anytime, anywhere. Videos also provide a standardized form of learning for new hires and regular employees, alike.
According to “The State of Video in the Enterprise” survey by Kaltura, 64% of the surveyed companies are utilizing video for training and onboarding.

Our friends over at Guzman y Gomez use Shootsta to produce their training content so that new hires or even staff can learn in a time-friendly manner, because fast food is well fast, right?

We have an example of a simple Shot composition training video here:

3. Announcements and General Updates

Not all news is good, nor is it always bad. Anything unknown can be frightening and some concepts can be complicated, but with video as the communication tool, information can be controlled, and explanations can be structured and broken down into easy to digest bits of information.

Plus, emotions or tones that are usually lost in emails and other traditional forms of communication would exactly be found in videos.

Remember that saying, 90% of communication is non-verbal? Well, that’s what I was taught in school!

Best of all, video allows for real-time, on-the-spot information dissemination. This is particularly important, and useful when a company needs to issue an important, business critical update globally at a moments notice.

Here’s an example of one of the company update videos we distribute as part of our monthly newsletter, from time to time. It’s called Banter and it’s a casual conversation between our two founders Mike Pritchett and Tim Moylan. The purpose of this is video is to update our clients and staff, about whats been happening over the past month or so.

4. Events

You remember the last time you missed out on a company event only to realise that no one filmed it? Or, that time your team won the award for best video at the Annual Shootsta’s Awards? Yep, want more information about the Shootsta Awards? Make sure you subscribe to the Shootsta social channels and blog via the button/ link at the end of the post.

Events are a great time to pull out the Shootsta Kit and get filming that next event or staff Christmas party.
If you want to know what our Christmas Party video highlight looks like? Keep watching below.

5. Newsletters and Reports.

All of our Shootsta newsletters incorporate some elements of video. Why? Well, we are a video production company of course. We know full well that to ensure our audience is engaged we need to communicate in the format that does it best. That’s video!

Current technology and platforms limit the availability of having videos play inside the email body itself, so a quick workaround that we use is to use a video thumbnail which is linked to a dedicated landing page or video viewer. In most cases, we use our Brightcove integration, specifically their web player.

There’s no denying that videos are cost-effective, versatile, really in-demand and have higher engagement statistics than other traditional mediums.

In summary, implementing videos into your internal communications isn’t difficult, time consuming or scary, instead,  it’s fun, engaging and easy! Here are my 5 video types to help transform your internal communications:

1. CEO Update’s

2. Education and Training

3. Announcements and General Updates

4. Events

5. Newsletters and Reports.

If you’re looking to transform your internal communications and implement video into your plan, simply send an email to hello@shootsta .com and we’ll arrange for one of our talented staff to get in contact with you.

If you’re already utilising the Shootsta Kit a or Mini Kit (Thank you!) contact your Customer Success Manager and arrange a time to schedule in some creative support. Shoot us an email to support@shootsta.com if you dont have access to their details.

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