5 Reasons Recruitment Videos Help You Find Employees

How to make a good recruitment video

Hiring great talent is more complex than ever. In the midst of the Great Resignation and plummeting job acceptance rates, businesses need to reconsider their methods of attracting talent.  Read on to learn how to make a good recruitment video.

Thankfully, the rise of digital technology has opened many avenues once deemed impossible. One of these includes the recruitment video, a relatively recent technique that’s seeing significant usage throughout top industries.

Recruitment videos are a type of marketing video production that ‘sells’ your business to potential job candidates. These videos aim to give audiences a feel for what to expect of both the company and the job at hand. However, they still retain the short-form, casual quality of a face-to-face conversation.

Used correctly, recruitment videos have the potential to help your business find the best talent in the least amount of time. 

Let’s explore five of the biggest reasons why, including how to create some hiring videos of your own. Recruitment videos do more than tell a story. They record emotion, capture company culture, and demonstrate your brand’s voice and tone in a sea of competition.

Here are five key ways they can help you find talented team members through the Great Resignation and beyond.

1. Recruitment videos are cost-effective

In-person interviews are downright expensive, both in terms of time and money. With video, you can create straightforward content that narrows your hiring funnel without a single person present. You can make recruitment videos on your phone, laptop, or tablet by capturing instant screen recordings, which can be sent, downloaded, or embedded under a single job listing.

2. Recruitment videos are personable

People love personalization, and job applicants are no exception. Add a layer of professionalism with AI-powered solutions, including lower thirds, templated structures, and on-cam teleprompting. If you’re going for a personalized approach, sprinkle the name of your candidate throughout the video to grab their attention and make them feel valued.

3. Recruitment videos are evergreen

The videos you create today will make a huge impact tomorrow. Developed with an evergreen mindset, hiring videos can be sent to applicants for up to two or three years into the future. Embedding them on your career pages can even boost your SEO rankings, leading to more hits via search engines. Additionally, storing everything in a single location will make it easier to manage content at scale.

4. Recruitment videos build engagement

Video is one of the most engaging communication formats on the market. It also happens to be the most performant content on social media, particularly for platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Research indicates that 99% of customers want to watch and engage with branded content online – and recruitment is no exception. 

5. Recruitment videos are accessible

Video technology has made it possible for all applicants to consider a job posting — not just those who fall within specific demographics. Applicants are no longer limited by health considerations, locations, or language preferences, drawing the best possible talent for your business.

How to make a recruiting video rubric that helps you find employees 

Every industry can benefit from the use of hiring videos. But like other tools, they can also be used ineffectively — even to the detriment of your business.

Here are some key considerations when you’re looking at how to make recruitment videos that go the distance for your company.

How long should a recruiting video be?

Generally, hiring videos should be between two and five minutes long. Any longer, and viewers might tune out from the footage. Any shorter, and companies won’t have the opportunity to communicate anything meaningful.

What components does a recruiting video need?

Your video should provide key insights into the culture of your workplace, the mission of your company and provide a brief description of the specific role being recruited for. It may be helpful to provide closed captions or transcripts to aid accessibility.

How many recruiting videos does a company need?

For the average SMB, a single recruiting video is all that’s needed to communicate with job candidates. However, organizations with numerous positions may want

separate videos for each position (or for different stages of their hiring process).

So what makes a good recruitment video?

There’s a significant difference between mediocre recruitment videos and great recruitment videos. You’ll want to take all best practices into account as you design the conceptual components, such as:


  • Not alienating the audience with corporate lingo or jargon. Set a tone and expectation by communicating directly with applicants, pushing stuffy formalities to the side.


  • Using the highest quality footage possible. Use professional editing to give your video the cleanest possible look, then rely on post-production services to refine your final product.


  • Refusing to speak to candidates like just another number. Remember: job applicants are potential stakeholders in your company, and deserve the same level of respect as existing employees.

Of course, hiring videos should be tailored to the needs of each industry, created with a unique approach and level of personalization. Let’s explore how to make a good recruitment video for a variety of audiences. 


  • Brands that rely heavily on teamwork should explain exactly what they expect from a candidate. Show, don’t tell viewers who they should be.
  • Technical industries must explore candidate qualifications and requirements up-front. Create a video that walks through these expectations with pleasing visual interest.
  • C-level hiring processes should communicate a higher level of professionalism. Personalization is expected at all stages and should be reflected in your videos.

In any event, the recruitment videos you create should always be designed around the target audience. The more refined your approach becomes, the more effective your videos will be. 

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Mike Pritchett

Author: Mike Pritchett, Founder & CEO, Shootsta