Shootsta IMMERSE

Shootsta IMMERSE is an exclusive collection of experiences designed to put our customers in the centre of everything the Shootsta community has to offer—learn, engage and inspire, the Shootsta way.

Voice of the customer, like no other

Experience exclusive roundtable discussions where your input shapes Shootsta’s future. These invite-only events offer a platform for direct feedback and insights into our latest updates, all in a unique setting with exceptional food, embodying Shootsta’s distinctive style.


Meaningful learning, untraditionally fun

At Shootsta, learning is a lifelong, enjoyable journey. Our practical learning experiences are crafted to enhance your video skills from conception to realisation, offering valuable, real-life applicable knowledge. Say goodbye to traditional theory-based learning and embrace our modern, hands-on approach.


Insights & inspiration from the best

Join our community in exclusive panels, webinars, and events. Learn scalable video content creation from peers and industry leaders, and discover innovative techniques from the best in the Shootsta community.

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Whether you’re looking to connect with thought leaders, explore groundbreaking ideas, or be part of an inspiring community, IMMERSE is the place to be.

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