Your videos have just gotten a whole lot better! Apple has unlocked the ability for you to turn your iPhone into a webcam. Just look at the difference!

Continuity Camera what??

There are so many use cases for this including much higher quality video calls & virtual interviews, adding a professional touch to your screen recordings or elevating your Elevates!

Count me in. What do I need to do?

You’ll need to have your iPhone updated to iOS 16.1 and your Mac updated to Ventura.

To set it up simply mount your iPhone near your Mac. Make sure it is locked, stable, landscape and has the rear cameras facing you. Your Mac will automatically detect your device allowing you to select it as a camera. If it’s struggling to detect your device or if the connection isn’t stable, plug it into your Mac.

From the control center you can choose from a number of video effects with our favorite being portrait mode.

If you need some inspiration for content to create using Continuity Camera? Reach out, we’d love to help!