Here at Shootsta we have worked hard to help companies around the world scale their video content through a suite of apps, professional services, and equipment marketers need. From the beginning we have made it our mission to simplify video for business by creating tools that take away the fear of creating quality content.


Using our tools, sales and marketing teams are able to communicate through video both internally and externally with ease, cost-effectively, and much more quickly than they have before. As an organization composed of over 150 experts, each with a passion for video and helping to fuel our client’s creativity, we understand the importance of seamlessly embedded media.

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At Shootsta, we are always looking for new ways to empower our clients in not only creating effective and quality video content, but also enabling them to share it with their audiences in a timely manner.”
Lauren Stephenson, VP of Global Marketing, Shootsta

This is why we have decided to build an integration with HubSpot through Media Bridge.  This new integration will make it even  easier for marketers to integrate their Shootsta video content immediately within the HubSpot platform. Next to our existing integration with HubSpot,  this new connection offers more advanced functionality when pushing video content into HubSpot and jumped at the chance to partner up again to offer more advanced functionality to our teams.


“We’re really excited for this new integration with HubSpot,” said Lauren Stephenson, VP of Global Marketing. “We work with many Marketing and Sales teams around the world who are already HubSpot clients so this integration was a natural fit. At Shootsta, we are always looking for new ways to empower our clients in not only creating effective and quality video content, but also enabling them to share it with their audiences in a timely manner.”

Why people are choosing the Shootsta + HubSpot integration

One of the primary speedbumps that Shoosta and HubSpot users would have in the past was needing to manually download content created on the Shoosta platform and then reupload it into the HubSpot Media Library— an ultimately inefficient way to share video content and an easy way to lose files and silo teams. Siloed teams and manual work are reasons we often hear for not being able to produce and promote video content.

Now, thanks to the Shoosta + HubSpot Media Bridge Integration users of both platforms can seamlessly embed their Shoosta created content directly into the HubSpot platform without missing a beat. Due to this user-friendly system, marketing and sales teams now have the ability to provide their clients with more varied workflows, in addition to being able to track video usage, view engagement rates, and use even more video in their workflow automation process.

How to use Shootsta + HubSpot to grow your business

With the Shoosta + HubSpot Media Bridge Integration, users can now select and embed shared video content directly from Shoosta into HubSpot to create websites, blog posts, your blog library, and emails. Because our clients have such varied workflows, the intuitive nature of this integration increases functionality during the video creation and embedding process.


To share from Shootsta into HubSpot, choose “HubSpot” from the sharing options after you complete your video and it will be sent directly to your media library in HubSpot.


Additionally, with the integration, you can:

1. Add video content in Hubspot

Add video content to blogs, emails, and website pages to increase conversion and improve engagement. Easily share video content with contacts using HubSpot workflows and automation.

2. Access analytics to guide strategy and budget

Not only is this an efficient way to share content with your prospects and clients, but when the integration is used your teams can also track video usage, view engagement rates, and analyze this data in order to scale your video content and grow business for your clients.

At Shoosta, we’ve always believed in the power of targeted personalized video content. Through use of the Shoosta + HubSpot Media Bridge Integration your marketing teams can take their hype reels, product updates, and customer case studies and testimonials to the next level. Meanwhile, your sales and customer success teams can use the integration to include personalized videos in their cold outreach, nurturing, and up-selling efforts.


To begin honing your use of personalized video in your marketing and sales efforts, as well as using seamlessly embedded media to grow your business, check out the Shootsta + HubSpot Media Bridge Integration today.