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Discover the adaptability of Shootsta. Our platform is designed to align with your business objectives, ensuring every video resonates with your brand’s unique voice. Perfect for marketing, internal communications, HR projects, and more, Shootsta offers the tools and support to bring your vision to life. It’s about making video content that’s impactful and memorable, tailored to your strategy. With Shootsta, it’s not just about making videos—it’s about making your messages unforgettable.

Video simplified

Shootsta simplifies video creation, putting the tools for producing engaging and diverse content right at your fingertips. Our all-in-one platform streamlines the process, making it fast and straightforward to create high-quality animations, live-action videos, podcasts, and more, all while being cost-effective.

Stay ahead of the game

Video content has evolved from a nice-to-have to an essential for businesses. It’s the key to engaging, entertaining, and inspiring audiences, and its absence can hinder connection. This presents a challenging situation—the necessity to adopt video yet facing constraints in doing so. However, Shootsta offers a solution, making this critical transition to video content both accessible and manageable. With Shootsta, embracing the world of video is no longer a dilemma, but an opportunity.

The Shootsta platform

One platform, infinite possibilities

Shootsta’s platform is a powerhouse of creativity and efficiency. Engineered for versatility, it opens up a world where your video content knows no bounds. Whether it’s engaging customer stories, dynamic internal updates, or compelling training materials, our platform supports your every need. It’s intuitive, robust, and ready to transform your ideas into impactful visual narratives. With Shootsta, every click brings you closer to a video that not only tells a story but makes an impact.

Shootsta Pro

A pioneer in subscription-based video production

Shootsta Pro redefines the landscape as a pioneer in subscription-based video production, offering a unique blend of high-quality, regular content creation. This premium service equips you with advanced tools, comprehensive training, and resources to elevate your video projects. Embrace the power of professional-grade production, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled support. Whether it’s for consistent brand messaging or impactful storytelling, Shootsta Pro is the key to unlocking a world of exceptional video content, tailored to your ongoing needs.

Shootsta Premier

The art of advanced video production

Shootsta Premier is where state-of-the-art technology meets expert human creativity. Designed for those who seek not just quality but excellence, Premier offers a seamless blend of advanced tools and professional expertise. Enjoy faster turnaround times than traditional agencies, along with complete cost transparency. With Premier, you’re not just commissioning video—you’re crafting visual narratives that resonate. Ideal for high-stakes projects, Premier combines speed, efficiency, and artistic flair to bring your story to life in a way that’s both impactful and cost-effective.

Fast video content 
on brand, on demand

Shootsta puts the power to create engaging content in your own hands, with a suite of products, services and technology that make it fast and easy to produce professional, attention-grabbing videos when you need it.

Shootsta Elevate—personal video creation at your fingertips

Shootsta Elevate is designed to create and share personalised videos in minutes. It’s the perfect blend of technology and simplicity, catering to those who value speed and efficiency. With Elevate, you can transform ideas into engaging videos quickly, using intelligent automation that simplifies the production process. Ideal for businesses needing to produce quality content rapidly, Elevate makes it possible to share your story with the world almost instantly.

Shootsta Animation—Fast, branded, and cost-effective

Shootsta Animation offers templated animation suites, perfect for fast, branded content creation. These templates streamline the animation process, ensuring quick delivery without compromising on brand consistency. For more tailored needs, our bespoke animation services offer a faster, more cost-effective alternative to traditional agencies. Whether it’s for standard templates or customised projects, Shootsta Animation combines speed, affordability, and creativity, making your animated stories not only captivating but also efficient in production and cost.

Stunning transformations

Shootsta has helped countless businesses transform their communications and connections through the beautiful simplicity of visual storytelling—you could be next.

Reece Group
  “Shootsta has enabled us to free up and give back time to our communications team so they can focus on how they’re creating their campaigns.”
Charter Hall
  “We have improved communications through the usage of video. We’re seeing a lot more people internally engaging with our comms.”
Rio Tinto
  “We haven’t even finished this year and we’ve already created over 300 videos.”

Embrace the Shootsta experience

Your potential for video-making greatness is limitless, on Shootsta. Discover our suite of tools, products and learning experiences designed to empower you and your team along your video creation journey.

Level up your video IQ

At Shootsta, we love nothing more than sharing what we know to help you grow. Tap into our vast knowledge of all things video creation, from blogs that cover the latest tips, tricks and news, to helpful information toolkits, and events and webinars that help you learn, upskill, and immerse yourself in our world.