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Welcome to a world where video content is not just a medium, but a transformative tool for communication and storytelling. Explore a diverse range of video types that we see business all around the world create using Shootsta.

Transform your comms,

Whoever you are, whatever you team or experience, Shootsta makes it easy and intuitive to dramatically enhance the way you work at every level of your business.

Corporate videos

Essential for internal communications, including company updates, training, and employee onboarding, helping streamline operations and enhance internal engagement.

Training & educational videos

This category, labelled Learning and Development, is vital for training materials and instructional content, representing a major revenue source for Shootsta.

Marketing videos

Comprise promotional content, product demonstrations, and branding videos, contributing significantly to revenue generation and brand visibility.

Social media content

Engages audiences with promotional and explainer videos, tailored for the dynamism and interactivity of social media platforms.

Event videos

Captures and highlights moments from corporate events, trade shows, and conferences, enhancing the event’s reach and impact.

Customer testimonials

Provides authentic client feedback and experiences, boosting credibility and trust.

Product demonstrations

Focuses on showcasing product features and benefits, vital for customer understanding and product promotion.

Animated videos

Includes animated explainers and creative content, offering an engaging and visually appealing approach to storytelling.

Interview and Q&A videos

Features thought leadership discussions and expert interviews, addressing key questions and topics.

Internal communication

Covers HR announcements, policy updates, and employee engagement initiatives, crucial for informing and connecting employees to their business.

Brand stories

Narrates the journey and values of a company or brand, forging deeper connections with the audience.

Case studies

Demonstrates successful projects or customer experiences, illustrating impact and effectiveness.

Sales videos

Utilised in the sales nurturing process to inform and persuade potential customers.

Vlogs and webisodes

Regular, scheduled video content for vlogs and web series, fostering ongoing audience engagement.

Success within reach

Such is the appetite for engaging video, it can be harnessed and deployed as one of your most effective communication tools across any channel. Explore how it can expand your reach and connect with your audience on all platforms, from YouTube to LinkedIn, Facebook and all in-between.

Powerful solutions

Shootsta simplifies video creation, putting the tools for producing engaging and diverse content right at your fingertips. Harness our suite of tools and support that empowers you to make professional video content that’s impactful, unforgettable, and tailored to your brand strategy.

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