5 types of video to transform your internal communications

April 10, 2018
If you’re not shaking up your internal communications with video, don’t worry 43.6% of companies aren’t using video either! It is estimated that each disengaged employee costs their employer over $2,000 each year. That’s a heady amount if you consider that 99.9% of businesses have up to 249 employees – a loss of nearly $500,000 per business per year. On the other hand, if businesses spent just 10% more on engaging their employees, they can in fact increase their profits by over $2,000 per year per employee. For an enterprise with 10,000 staff, that’s creating $20 million profit, just by engaging your employees. At Shootsta – the world’s first subscription based video production platform – we know that one of the most effective ways to engage your staff is to use video.
Why video?
The first thing businesses often ask is, why use video? And the answer is simple: for the best part of a year now we have been living in a video-first world when it comes to internal communications. Video is, quite simply, the new normal. Despite the uptick of video driven by the global lockdown, video has been an increasingly common way of communicating. 96% of people say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service and 93% of employees believe that video is an essential part of internal communications. It is easy to see why video has taken off as it is such an effective way of communicating; indeed, 95% of a message is retained when a message is presented in a video, versus only 10% when presented in a text format. Videos are an important two-way dialogue, rather than just barking orders. They can help to relax the frigidity of the corporate world, keep international teams motivated and upskill talent. At Shootsta we have seen a 97.2% rise in Learning & Development content since the start of the pandemic. We have also seen a lot of remote working training videos, government guideline videos, company updates and team training. Below are 5 types of video that can help transform your internal communications to be video first today.

5 Ways Internal Communications Teams Can Use Video

1. CEO Update’s
A quick Google search on CEO videos would reveal that global giants like Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon are on top of their communication game. CEOs are notorious for their privacy and killer work hours, so people are naturally curious as to what they’re normally like. CEO video messages not only satisfy that curiosity, they also build trust. A study conducted by Ragan Communications revealed another benefit, that video is the reason why 44% of their employees are more engaged with senior executives. Over here at Shootsta, our leadership team spread across the UK, ASIA North America and Down Under all shoot quick updates and post them in our Slack channel regularly. This makes a lot of sense considering were growing at an exponential pace and we’re across multiple time zones and it’s just plain hard to hear whats happening all the time.
2. Education and Training
Aside from enhanced learning, videos also reduce cost, training time and can be available anytime, anywhere. Videos also provide a standardised form of learning for new hires and regular employees, alike. According to “The State of Video in the Enterprise” survey by Kaltura, 64% of the surveyed companies are utilising video for training and onboarding. Our friends over at Guzman y Gomez use Shootsta to produce their training content so that new hires or even staff can learn in a time-friendly manner, because fast food is well fast, right?
3. Announcements and General Updates
The unknown can be frightening and some concepts can be complicated, but with video as the communication tool, information can be controlled, and explanations can be structured and broken down into easy to digest bits of information. Plus, emotions or tones that are usually lost in emails and other traditional forms of communication would exactly be found in videos. Best of all, video allows for real-time, on-the-spot information dissemination. This is particularly important, and useful when a company needs to issue an important, business critical update globally at a moments notice.
4. Events
In the age of Covid-19. We are still a long way from ‘normal’ and therefore, some previously physically hosted company events are either now completely virtual or Hybrid. Either setting up your camera for a live stream or recording for on-demand allows for those that didn’t make it time to digest in their own time. Additionally, if the content is externally facing, you can repurpose it and use it across your social channels for greater brand awareness.
5. Newsletters and Reports
Since we all turned 100% digital, important internal updates and newsletters can sometimes get lost amongst the hundereds of chat messages and emails we are all receiving on a daily basis. It’s important to recognise that employees need breaks from digesting information and that if they are going to digest any communications, it should be your pressing company ones. Sharing your newsletters and reporting in a video format allow your employees to get to know leadership, understand meaning behind the words, and see visual representation as well.

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