When is digital transformation going to happen in healthcare

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with our partner to discuss how video is transforming healthcare, and how you can be using data-driven insights to inform your digital marketing activities.

Bazz Deans, VP EMEA at Shootsta, and Matt Lowe, CEO of talked through 4 sections, covering:

  • How to use data-driven insights to inform your communication decisions
  • How healthcare is adapting to the new norm
  • What video content you should be creating today and how
  • What does the future hold for the healthcare industry

We were lucky enough to be joined by 2 special guest speakers, Harvey Neve, Head of Digital Transformation at Public Health England and Malik Akhtar, VP Marketing Procurement at Bayer to share their views on how the Healthcare Industry is adapting to the new virtual world.

To give you a glimpse, here are some clips from the webinar of our guest speakers answering some key questions.

What is digital transformation?

It’s one of those questions that can be interpreted differently, but we asked Harvey Neve, Head of Digital Transformation at Public Health England how he defines it, and here’s what he said.

How are you seeing Public Health England behave differently and what do you not want to see go back to how it was?

We were already ‘Hyper-connected’, and it’s true that businesses globally have always had the relevant tools to communicate virtually, but when there is no other option but to communicate digitally, and when there is a pressing need for organisations to act fast, is when we see those speedy decisions being made. The usual barriers are now being broken in order to achieve and deliver, and this is something that we’d love to stay. 

How do you believe data should drive the way you communicate?

Malik Akthar, VP Marketing Procurement at Bayer spoke to us about how Bayer has been using data right from the planning stages to define target audiences. Data should be driving the way you communicate right from the start to determine what your audience REALLY wants to be seeing. Aligning content with your audience’s search behaviours, rather than a sole focus on your commercial messages.

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What content trends are you currently seeing across healthcare?

Harvey Neve, Head of Digital Transformation at Public Health England has seen video become even more prominent in recent times. As attention spans go down and all generations are wanting to consume information in short form, videos have become an incredibly powerful way to share relevant bitesize content.

Across all industries, learning and development for internal engagement purposes has been at the forefront whilst industries have been distributed across the globe. The hierarchy hurdles have somewhat been flattened as we all now have the power to connect with one another online. This has created more value, as we share learnings across departments that were once siloed.

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