1. The Shootsta Kit Learning Track

Welcome to Shootsta Kit section. In this course you’ll learn about what is in the Kit, how to set it up, how to charge it and how to upload your footage to the Shootsta platform.

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2. What Is In The Shootsta Kit

The Shootsta Kit is our DSLR camera kit centred around the Sony a7 III and a teleprompter. The Shootsta Kit allows you to capture professional, high quality piece-to-cameras, interview and footage.

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3. Setting Up The Shootsta Kit

Setting up the Shootsta Kit is easy. Learn in 5 steps how to set up the tripod, the camera, the audio and the autocue.

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4. Setting Up Audio

In this video you’ll learn in 3 steps how to mic up your talent and ensure you are recording high quality audio.

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5. How To Focus Using The Sony A7ii

Getting your talent in focus can seem daunting. Don’t fret. Let us show you how to set manual focus for a crystal clear shot.

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6. Record, Review Your Footage

All set up! Time to record! Once all your footage is shot it’s time to review what you want and what you don’t want to keep.

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