1. The Shootsta Mini Kit Learning Track

Welcome to Shootsta Mini Kit section. In this course you’ll learn about what is in the Mini Kit, how to set it up, how to charge it and how to upload your footage to the Shootsta Platform.

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2. What Is In The Shootsta Mini Kit?

The Mini Kit 3 is our mobile camera kit centred around an iPhone 11 and Movi’s Cinema Robot gimbal. The Mini Kit allows you to capture smooth footage on the go whilst capturing high quality audio and video on the iPhone 11.

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3. How To Set Up The Shootsta Mini Kit 3 (Movi Gimbal)

Setting up the Shootsta Mini Kit is easy. Here is how to set up the gimbal and the audio.

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4. How To Set Up The Rode Wireless GO Mic

In this video you’ll learn how to mic up your talent using the Rode Wireless Go mics and ensure you are recording high quality audio.

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6. How To Upload Footage Using A Smartphone

Uploading footage from your smartphone to the Shootsta platform is easy. Let us show you how.

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