4 reasons you need to use video in your email marketing

March 15, 2022
Video in emails can be an extremely effective marketing tool. The desire for video content among consumers is high, and there’s no question that it can add a bit of extra spark and intrigue to what might otherwise be a run-of-the-mill email communication.  But how can you best utilize it within your own comms? It’s not as simple as slapping a YouTube link into your monthly newsletter, calling it a day, and expecting sales to skyrocket. If it were that easy, we’d be looking at an entirely different marketing landscape!  No, video email best practices are a little more complex than that. That’s why we’ve broken down some of the key reasons you need to use video in your email marketing.

1. Introducing yourself to leads

Anyone who’s worked in sales or marketing in any capacity knows about gatekeepers. You’ve got an exciting, new, and important opportunity for a client, but you can’t get a meeting because the client’s secretary keeps fobbing you off. Sure, there is email — but that can feel like shouting into a concrete bucket when it’s done in isolation. Is anyone reading the damn things? You may never know.  This is where personalized video in emails can be a huge boon both for yourself and your prospective clients. Tools like Shootsta’s Elevate allow you to create personalized videos, for all of your clients. In fact, with this tool, you’re able to use the same set of footage of yourself and your pitch to reach many different prospects — all you need to do is personalize elements like the title card and end card in order to have a ready-made introduction for any new prospect.

2. Sharing educational material

Everyone loves something for free — and busy managers love tools that can make their life easier. That’s why there’s a burgeoning niche of sales staff who invest their time in creating learning and development videos for prospective clients that can be viewed at their own leisure or shared with the team they manage.  This offers you a variety of benefits. First and foremost, it keeps you at front of mind when the prospective client is next considering investing in a new product or service. Secondly, it can be (subtly) tied back to your own company’s product as a solution for industry-specific issues. Just make sure you don’t oversell it — use videos in emails as a service, not an advertorial.

3. Product demonstrations

YOU know that your product is amazing — but going door to door and forcibly showing it to people really isn’t the favorite sales style anymore. A product demonstration video can be an excellent way to showcase your product remotely. While tools like Cast with easy screen recording are perfect for software-based products, you can always invest in a marketing shoot for physical products. When coupled with personalization techniques, these videos can build interest in the product at an individual level and help grab customers’ attention.

4. Offering company touchpoints

Every communication you have with a customer is an opportunity to sell to them. But this doesn’t mean that every communication has to be explicitly about sales. Such an approach would be gauche at best. An essential part of selling is knowing when not to sell.  Using video in email marketing can be a great way to send friendly updates (for example, birthday cards or holiday celebrations) or key information like stakeholder comms. Updates like this show demonstrate that your company doesn’t just see their customers as blank checks — but you’re genuinely invested in them as people, too.

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What is email marketing, and why is it important?

At its core, email marketing is exactly what it sounds like — using email to advertise a product or service. The truth is that email marketing is older than you may have realized, too. The first known marketing email was sent in 1978 over ARPANET, so email marketing actually predates the internet as we know it!  Email marketing is an important tool for any business because it’s the perfect intersection between low-cost and high reach. When you’ve built or bought a customer list, you can easily reach out to a huge number of customers with a quick click of a button, exponentially increasing both awareness and sales with ease.

Why is email marketing strategy important?

Email has long since ceased being a novelty. They’ve been a tool for everyday communication since at least the 1990s. So all the usual rules of marketing for any form of media apply — it’s got to be striking, it’s got to be relevant to the customer, and it’s got to have a specific purpose action for the customer to take. Whether that’s clicking through to a video, signing up to something, or making a purchase, plotting out a detailed strategy will enable you to reach customers far more effectively than simply sending out the occasional email.

Should you include video in email?

Using video in email marketing can be a great way to hook prospective customers. However, it’s critical to make sure it follows these rules: 
  • It’s context-appropriate 
  • It’s professionally produced 
  • It offers the viewer value 
  • It’s attention-grabbing, snappy, and short
  • It reinforces your overall brand messaging
If you’re following these rules, you’ll have a much better chance of turning views into dollars.

Are videos effective marketing?

They certainly can be! When used correctly, they’ve got the potential to increase your ROI by up to 280%. However, the onus is definitely on you to produce content that’s engaging, snappy (usually 2 minutes or less), and relevant to your intended audience.   Additionally, we’d always suggest A/B testing — this can be a great way to look at what methods are most effective in terms of grabbing customer attention and how you can improve them into the future.

How do you introduce a video in an email?

Video email best practices suggest it’s not usually a good idea to embed a video directly into an email. Most video files are massive, so it’s much easier to get flagged by spam filters or just be outright rejected from your customer’s inbox. We’d suggest you use a clickthrough link or CTA button instead, perhaps featuring a still or GIF from the video itself to act as a teaser.

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