Have you ever pondered the transformative power of recruitment videos in elevating your company’s hiring and employer branding strategy?

In the ever-evolving sphere of HR and recruitment, the digital revolution has taken center stage. From the surge in social media’s influence on recruitment processes to a workforce that’s more connected and informed than ever (cue platforms like Glassdoor), the race to attract stellar talent has intensified. Today, the goal is not just to attract but to truly engage the right fit for your organisation – through captivating recruitment marketing ads or strategic employer branding campaigns. In the digital era, video emerges as the unbeatable champion in creating connections and shaping perceptions.

Dive into the exciting world of recruitment videos with us as we explore how to make your hiring process and employer branding stand out.

From Old-School Recruitment to Digital Talent Acquisition

Remember the days when newspaper ads were the go-to for job listings? Fast forward to the present, and we’re navigating a world where online job boards, sophisticated applicant tracking systems (ATS), and social giants like LinkedIn dominate. It’s no surprise that HR departments are now turning to company websites and social media to attract talent, emphasising the importance of technology and user experience trends. What’s on the recruitment horizon? Video, of course! And we’re not alone in this thought – LinkedIn champions video as an essential part of any recruitment strategy to connect with the talent you’re eager to bring onboard.

Harnessing Video for Recruitment and Employer Branding

Video serves a dual purpose in recruitment: attracting candidates and solidifying your employer brand.

Video for Recruitment Gone are the days when a simple list of job responsibilities and qualifications would suffice. In today’s job market, showcasing the essence of the role and the company culture through video can significantly enhance a candidate’s ability to see themselves as part of your team. Videos allow you to highlight not just the hard skills but also the invaluable soft skills and cultural alignment that make a candidate stand out.

Video for Employer Branding Your employer brand is your identity as a workplace, and in a competitive job market, video is your best ally in differentiating your company. From “a day in the life” glimpses to comprehensive portrayals of your company’s mission, values, and perks, video can vividly communicate what makes your workplace unique and appealing.

The rise of Millennial and Gen-Z workers underscores the importance of visualising life within a company. Video excels in providing this insight, meeting the expectations of a generation that values authenticity and transparency.

Six Exceptional Recruitment Videos to Inspire You

Let’s explore six recruitment videos that masterfully use the medium to attract top talent:

1. Peakon’s ‘How We Live Our Company Values: Life First’

This video genuinely captures the essence of Peakon’s culture, using employee testimonials to highlight their progressive policies. It’s a perfect example of showcasing company values in action.

How We Live Our Company Values: Life First’ by Peakon

2. Shootsta’s ‘We’re Hiring! Business Development Manager’

A crisp, engaging glimpse into life at Shootsta, this video uses humor and team spirit to attract candidates, encouraging them to apply in a unique and personal way.

3. LinkedIn’s ‘Finding A Job That Feels Like a Home’

Starting with relatable employee stories, this video effectively uses narrative to connect with viewers, demonstrating LinkedIn’s role in career matchmaking.

4. Shootsta’s Daniel Griffo on ‘What is an introvert?’

A creative take on the employee intro video, this piece combines personal storytelling with stunning visuals, illustrating the unique perspectives employees bring to the workplace.


Daniel Griffo

5. Apple’s ‘Inclusion & Diversity – Open’

Apple’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is front and center in this video, using powerful visuals and narratives to showcase its progressive HR philosophy.


6. Shootsta: The Movie

A behind-the-scenes look at Shootsta’s culture, blending humor, employee talent, and genuine moments to provide insight into the company’s work environment.

Key Takeaways for Crafting Engaging Recruitment Videos

  • Embrace the 3-10-30 Rule: Capture attention fast, set the scene quickly, and deliver your message concisely.
  • Leverage Emotion: Video’s power lies in its ability to evoke feelings, creating a memorable connection with your audience.
  • Highlight Your Values: Make your company’s values and culture the stars of your video to attract candidates who are the right cultural fit.
  • Experiment with Gamified Videos: Incorporate interactive elements to make your recruitment process not just informative but also enjoyable.

Strategic Placement for Recruitment Videos

  • Job Posts: Enrich your listings with video to significantly increase engagement.
  • Careers Page: Use video to bring your company culture and values to life, directly on your website.
  • Social Media: Leverage platforms where your target audience spends their time to share your recruitment videos.
  • Career Fairs: A well-crafted video