Shootsta’s Stock Footage Solution: To Unlimited and Beyond

November 14, 2023

At Shootsta, our mission is to empower creativity and simplify the video production process for our customers. For years, stock assets have been a vital part of our ecosystem, enabling users to enhance their projects with ease. However, we’ve listened closely to our customer feedback and identified a critical need for a more streamlined and cost-effective approach to accessing these assets.

Understanding the Challenge

Our previous model, where users pay per asset for each project, presented hurdles. Many of our customers faced the difficult task of raising Purchase Orders or seeking permissions for each stock asset, turning what should be a creative flow into an obstacle course. Not to mention, the costs can quickly escalate, with a single video project potentially requiring numerous stock footage clips, inflating the budget by thousands.

Our Solution: Stock Unlimited

To address these challenges, we introduced Shootsta Stock Unlimited – a transformative shift from the ‘user pays per asset’ model to a subscription-based service offering unlimited asset consumption.

Key Features of Stock Unlimited

  • Subscription-Based Model:

    Pay a monthly fee as part of your annual subscription, eliminating per-asset charges.

  • Unlimited Access:

    Dive into a world of endless creative possibilities with unrestricted access to our asset library.

  • User-Friendly Experience:

    Say goodbye to hurdles and blockers. The focus is on seamless creativity.

  • Diverse Library:

    Over 4 million videos covering a vast array of categories, ensuring you find the perfect fit for any project.

  • Worry-Free Licensing:

    Every asset is cleared for commercial use, with necessary releases on file, ensuring hassle-free compliance.

  • Across your entire Workspace:

    A Stock Unlimited subscription covers your entire workspace. Every user gets unlimited access.

Find Out 3 Ways to Use Stock Footage in Your Videos

We LOVE seeing how our customers leverage this unlimited creative potential to bring their vision to life. Welcome to a new era of seamless, limitless, and inspired content creation with Shootsta Stock Unlimited. 🚀

Find out more about Stock Unlimited, including how to sign up, here: Stock Unlimited Help Article

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