Ending the year right is important for any business. One great way to stand out and go out with a bang is creating end-of-year videos. Videos are the best way to grab the attention of customers during the chaotic end-of-year rush, show what you’re wanting to communicate during this time, and get everyone excited for what’s coming next. Let’s explore why these 5 end-of-year videos are a must-create for every business.

1. Year-in-Review Highlight Reels

When it comes to end-of-year business videos, the year-in-review highlight reel stands out as one of the most impactful. It serves as a visual summary of all that you have achieved together, ensuring your brand’s voice stands out and resonates as the year concludes.


Every business has its unique story of growth, challenges, and accomplishments. The main aim of these essential year-end videos is to present this story in an engaging manner. By showcasing achievements, major milestones, and other notable moments, you not only foster a sense of pride within the team but also showcase your brand’s journey to clients and stakeholders, creating a deeper connection.


    • Incorporate client testimonials

      Real words from real clients can significantly boost the credibility of your recap videos. They provide a firsthand account of the value your business offers, making the content more relatable.


    • Highlight top products or services

      Whether it was a new product launch or a service that gained popularity, make it a focal point. This not only serves as a reminder of what you offer but also aligns with year-end video marketing goals by subtly promoting your bestsellers.


    • Celebrate team achievements

      The year-end is as much about your dedicated team as it is about your offerings. Integrating employee recognition videos or segments within your reel can humanise your brand.


A well crafted year-in-review highlight reel can encapsulate the essence of a year’s hard work, growth, and passion. It’s more than just a video; it’s a reflection of your brand’s journey over the year. As you plan your end-of-year video strategy, ensure this reel tops the list, setting a positive tone for the upcoming year.

Check out this Year-in-Review video example from Shopify

2. Thank You Video for Customers/Clients

Gratitude stands as a timeless emotion that bridges businesses and their customers. Crafting a sincere thank you video is not just a courteous gesture; it’s a strategic move to deepen connections and nurture trust.


The essence of these videos is to communicate genuine appreciation. Every customer interaction, feedback, and transaction has shaped your business journey throughout the year. Recognising this through a video is a powerful way to build and strengthen customer loyalty, reminding them of the valued place they hold in your business narrative.


  • Personalise with names or specific anecdotes

    Authenticity is key. If feasible, tailor your end-of-year video strategy to include personalised messages. Addressing a loyal customer by name or mentioning a memorable interaction can leave a lasting impression. Such personal touches make customers feel seen and valued, elevating their connection to your brand.

  • Highlight customer stories or testimonials

    Integrating real customer appreciation videos or snippets into your thank-you video can be impactful. It’s one thing to say you value your customers; it’s another to showcase their stories. Whether it’s a testimonial about how your product changed someone’s life or a heartwarming tale of excellent customer service, these real-world accounts amplify the message of gratitude and demonstrate the tangible difference your business makes.

  • Infuse authenticity with behind-the-scenes footage

    Adding snippets of candid moments from your office or team events can enhance the genuine feel of your appreciation. By incorporating these real-life segments into your customer appreciation videos, you’re not only saying thank you but also letting your customers take a peek into the heart of your operations, fostering a deeper connection and trust.

Crafting a thank you video with genuine warmth and appreciation can resonate deeply with customers. As the year wraps up, such gestures can reinforce positive feelings associated with your brand, ensuring that customers look forward to another year of collaboration, trust, and growth with you.

Check out this Thank You video example from Axway

3. Employee Appreciation Video

As you steer through your end-of-year video strategy, there’s one group that deserves special attention: your employees. These are the individuals who’ve been the backbone of your business, driving it forward through highs and lows. Recognising their efforts through an employee appreciation video isn’t just good for morale; it’s a testament to the company’s values and culture.


This video seeks to uplift the spirits of the team, showcasing that every effort, big or small, hasn’t gone unnoticed. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the hard work, innovation, and dedication of the people who make the business what it is.


  • Spotlight employees with exceptional stories or contributions

    Everyone brings something unique to the table, but some stories stand out. Whether it’s an employee who took on additional responsibilities during challenging times or someone who introduced a groundbreaking idea, spotlighting these individuals can inspire others and reinforce a culture of recognition. These stories encapsulate the essence of company culture videos, showcasing that every individual is valued.

  • Share fun behind-the-scenes moments

    The year isn’t just about work; it’s also about the small, fun moments that make the journey memorable. Integrating lighthearted, behind-the-scenes clips into your employee recognition videos can add a touch of warmth and relatability. Whether it’s a clip from a team outing, a birthday celebration, or even just day-to-day banter, these moments humanise the company and build camaraderie among the team.

  • Incorporate feedback from peers

    Involve the larger team by collecting short testimonials or shout-outs where employees appreciate or commend their colleagues. This peer-to-peer recognition can be both genuine and powerful. It showcases a collaborative environment where team members value each other’s contributions, reinforcing the idea that the business thrives because of mutual respect and teamwork. Integrating these moments into your employee appreciation video can enhance authenticity and make the appreciation feel even more heartfelt.

Concluding the year by valuing and acknowledging your team’s efforts can set a positive tone for the year ahead. An employee appreciation video, when done right, not only boosts morale but also showcases the business’s ethos and values, making both employees and stakeholders proud to be a part of the journey.

4. Holiday-Themed Promotional Video

When the holiday season rolls in, there’s a palpable buzz in the air. It’s a time of celebration, reflection, and for businesses, an opportune moment to connect with their audience. Crafting a holiday-themed promotional video aligns perfectly with this sentiment, making it an essential element in your end-of-year video strategy.


The holiday season is not just about festivities; it’s also a prime shopping period. With a tailored promotional video, businesses can tap into this festive spirit, capturing the attention of potential customers and enticing them with seasonal offers. It’s all about blending the joy of the season with the allure of exclusive deals.


  • Include offers that are time-sensitive to create urgency

    One of the most effective ways to drive sales is to create a sense of urgency. By making your holiday offers time-sensitive, you encourage viewers to take immediate action. Highlighting phrases like “limited-time offer” or “while stocks last” in your year-end video marketing can amplify this urgency, driving better conversion rates.

  • Incorporate festive visuals and music

    The holidays have a distinct charm, and your video should encapsulate that. Integrate festive visuals—be it sparkling lights, snowflakes, or themed graphics—that resonate with the season. Pair this with cheerful holiday tunes to complete the ambiance. Remember, the aim is to evoke the holiday spirit, making your corporate holiday videos as captivating and memorable as possible.

  • Engage with storytelling

    Rather than just listing offers, craft a narrative that engages your audience. For instance, tell a short story of a family or individual experiencing the joy of your product or service during the holidays. Storytelling adds depth to these videos, making the promotion more relatable and memorable. This approach can tap into the emotional side of the season, making your videos not just an advertisement, but a story that resonates with viewers’ own festive experiences.

As the year wraps up, businesses have a golden opportunity to blend the festive cheer with promotional strategies. A well-crafted holiday-themed promotional video doesn’t just spotlight your offers; it creates a lasting impression, ensuring that your brand remains top-of-mind as customers dive into their holiday shopping.

Check out this Holiday-Themed Promotional video example from Alessi

5. Teaser Video for Upcoming Year Plans

As one year concludes, anticipation for the next begins. For businesses, this transitional period is ripe with opportunities to capture audience attention. One strategy that stands out is the creation of a teaser video, giving glimpses of the future and stoking the flames of excitement.


The primary goal of these videos is to spark a flame in your audience, making them curious and eager about what’s on the horizon for your brand. It’s about building momentum, ensuring that as one chapter closes, the audience is already hooked onto the next.


  • Keep it short and intriguing

    A teaser, by definition, should be concise. The idea is to reveal just enough to pique interest but not give everything away. Ensure that every second counts in building anticipation.

  • Highlight big upcoming launches or changes

    If there’s a groundbreaking product launch, a significant expansion, or a revolutionary service introduction in the pipeline, spotlight it. While you don’t want to divulge all details, hinting at these major milestones can generate buzz. It aligns well with the concept of new year video messages, signaling growth, evolution, and innovation.

A teaser video serves as a bridge, connecting the accomplishments of the past year with the promise of the next. As businesses chart their course for the upcoming year, ensuring that their audience is both informed and excited can pave the way for a successful start, making the teaser an invaluable asset in your end-of-year video campaigns arsenal.

Check out this Upcoming Year Plans Teaser video example from TOMCAT

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