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Types of videos

Are you aiming to inspire, educate or entertain with your videos online? Raise awareness, engage and nurture, or convert viewers? And are they internal or external? No matter your goal or target audience, there’s a type of video content to suit you: training video production, animation videos, even promotional video production in Sydney – you name it, we’ve helped make it happen!

The Optus Gift

The event video for The Optus Gift successfully multi-tasks storytelling and highlights, while not detracting from its charitable focus. Drone footage and dressy guests on the golf course preface Optus VPs and charity / business partners giving 1-person interviews and context to the cause. Indoor shots are well-lit and vividly coloured, interspersed with lively b-roll of a huge audience cut to the hubbub of a crowded room, adding to the general sense of fun and warmth throughout.

‘5 Types of International Travellers’ by Travelex

Travelex’s satirical take on Sydney tourists is a lesson in how to win at social media videos. Exploring caricatures of classic sightseers like the Memory Maker (complete with iPhone selfie stick), the Business Traveller, the Hippie, the Backpacker and the Experienced Explorer (who effortlessly guides his backpacking counterpart into a Travelex for currency exchange), this content is simple, funny and surprisingly adept at comic timing. It closes to adventurous music with the brand’s value proposition and a strong website call to action.

‘Silkwood: S Pagewood’ by Silkari

Silkwood by Silkari’s 2-minute video for S Pagewood is a quality example of real estate video production in Sydney. The video puts the development’s key message up front, leading into a piece to camera that transitions into voiceover for showing features and benefits, with panning shots of construction design and interior styling. Sydney’s cityscapes are paired with leisurely zooms in and out, adding visual variation from previous pans, while in-keeping with the content’s established pacing (augmented by a slow piano track). The whole video evokes a relaxed, luxurious vibe – a deliberate move for this prestige product.


Mumbrella CommsCon Awards

For a masterclass in event video production in Sydney, look no further than Mumbrella’s annual PR awards. Their highlight reel kicks off with an introduction from the night’s host, then cuts to crowd pans and shots of the audience laughing. This video successfully leverages all things b-roll, from attendee vox pops to event signage poses to guests hitting the dancefloor for the evening’s entertainment – and wraps in under a minute in length.

3 Top Filming Locations in Sydney

Sydney Opera House

One of Sydney’s most iconic – and recognisable – locations, the Sydney Opera House is highly sought-after to produce videos. An obvious choice is the Forecourt’s granite steps (also a tourist / selfie hotspot); so if you do want to film there, we recommend arriving before peak hour on a weekday. Note: the Opera House’s western side also offers a clear view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

You can find information on commercial permits here.

The Rocks

To the west of the Sydney Opera House, on the opposite side of Circular Quay, is the Rocks and Dawes / Millers Points. The Rocks is a heritage site from British settlement – and with its cobblestone streets and little laneways, it has a distinctly old-world European feel (despite the designer fashion boutiques and cutting-edge bars and restaurants). Pro tip: this is where you can get the Sydney Opera House as your shot backdrop.

For information on permits, click here.

Royal National Park

For something completely different, get immersed in the versatile natural environment of southern Sydney’s Royal National Park. From cliff-top lookouts to tree-lined walking tracks, to beaches, rocks, hills, even a jungle loop, this park has something for every use case when it comes to outdoor visuals. Aim for blue-sky weather!

Like in Sydney’s CBD, you need permission to film in NSW’s national parks and reserves – so visit the website.

About Shootsta

Shootsta is the world’s first subscription-based video production platform. #videofirst Unlike other Sydney video production companies, we educate and empower organisations to create high-quality, cost-effective videos at scale – and in just 24 hours. We provide the technology, training and creative consulting (like helping with your video strategy) to transform the way your business communicates. So whether you need marketing content, internal communications videos, training video production, human resources videos or sales content, we can help you leverage video to meet your business and content goals. Just shoot and upload your footage, our professional editors take care of the post-production, and then you can share your videos with the world (or office)! Shootsta. It’s video, simplified.

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Clare Robinson ,
Digital Content Manager | @Qantas

“Shootsta works really well for Bupa. We are a large organisation and are communicating both internally and externally. We get the message across in a really engaging way.”
Jacquelyn Stevens,
Digital Content Manager | @Bupa

“Shootsta’s flexibility and willingness to help was so important to how we communicated during the summer bushfire crisis. We couldn’t have told our story to our people and to the public, as well as we did, without their assistance.”
Kristina Zarich,
Media & Communications Advisor | @TransGrid


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