Accelerate your sales cycle with personalised video

Our AI powered app helps you cut through the noise with automated video creation.

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Improve your sales team’s outreach by 4x

Discover how sales leaders are taking control and increasing their conversion rates to accelerate their pipeline with the Shootsta Elevate app. Drive action with video at all stages of the sales funnel, from connecting to closing.
Customised videos
Elevate allows us to open new doors and increase our response rate like never before!
Director of Sales and Business Development, Asia
Customised videos

Engage your prospects at every stage

Give your business the advantage and cut through the noise at every stage of the sales cycle. From outreach to follow up, use video to accelerate your pipeline, move MQLs to SQLs, and close deals faster.
Video personalization software

Fast, simple, and seamless

Bring face-to-face back. It only takes a few minutes to create a quality personalised video and share directly in an email. No technical skills required.
video personalization

Convey on-brand messages with precision

Ensure your teams always hit the right company-approved messages and that your prospects digest and prioritise your emails first.
custom sales videos
Key features and benefits

The only AI-powered app you need for your sales videos

  • Templated approach

    Templated scripts and videos within the app save you time drafting your message and keep you and your team on-brand.

  • In-app autocue

    The in-app teleprompter allows you to directly read your script off your screen while looking directly at the camera for fault-free videos.

  • Analytics and leaderboards

    Measure the success of your sales team and the videos they’re creating with the integrated leaderboard and tracking capabilities.

Stand out with Elevate

High-quality video with cutaways, music and fully branded
Video personalization software
ai videos

Everything you need to make the perfect video

Bring back face-to-face selling with Shootsta Elevate, an AI-powered app that is completely flexible and scalable across your organisation.

Take it up a notch

Looking presentable on camera is key, and while there’s no need for fancy equipment, a simple Ring Light can make all the difference to your video quality. Click the link below to purchase our suggested lighting option.
scalable video

In our clients’ words

See what our clients have to say about Elevate
marketing video production

“We included personalised videos in our win-back campaigns and were able to increase click-through on our emails and improve response rates by 300%.”

marketing video production

“Elevate is incredibly powerful. Our speed to lead has multiplied. It has allowed us to open new doors and increase our response rate like never before!”

Director of Sales and Business Development, Asia

Made with Elevate

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TouchPoint Medical | Sales Outreach
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Shootsta | Sales Outreach
custom sales videos
Rezdy | Sales Outreach
Win-Back campaign
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Shootsta | Sales Outreach

Your videos are safe with us

  • Video Demo Tool

    Encryption everywhere

    Whether you’re uploading, downloading, or just storing video files, every bit is encrypted.

  • Video Collaboration Tool

    Backup and support

    Our platform is automatically backed up in multiple ways, so your data is always secure. Plus, you can count on 24/7 support for any incidents or security alerts.

  • Video Screen Capture Tool

    Share on your own terms

    You set the permissions to share your content, or not. You’re in control of whether you want to keep your video private, collaborate with your team, or share it publicly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I invite a colleague? And will my colleagues have access to my videos

You can add or remove any team members from your Shootsta ‘Workspace’ at any point in time. Want to keep a video private? No problem, as the creator you’re in control of who in your team can see and or access your video projects.

Do you recieve training and support with Shootsta Elevate?

We provide education, support, and professional services from real video experts to all our clients. We pride ourselves on working with the best producers, videographers, editors, animators, and voice-over artists, giving you the best experience and results.

How does Elevate compare to other video tools?

Shootsta Elevate is a unique, patented video application that is powered by AI. Elevate uses voice recognition to integrate cutaways and branding into your templated videos to ensure your videos are polished and on-brand each and every time.  

How much does Shootsta Elevate cost?

For more details on cost, check out our pricing page or get in touch with our sales team. No strings attached!

Is Shootsta Elevate different from screen recording tools?

Yes! Shootsta Elevate allows you to send professionally branded videos directly to your prospects in minutes. The built-in autocue allows you to read the script from the screen for fault-free videos. Our screen recording tool, Shootsta Cast, is our market-leading screen recording solution, great for internal updates, product demos, or feedback.

What sort of videos can I create with Shootsta Elevate?

The world is your oyster; however, Shootsta Elevate is built with ‘piece-to-camera’ in mind. A piece-to-camera is when one person stands directly in front of the camera, addressing the audience. This can be used for team updates, follow-ups, outreach, product information, and more. For videos such as testimonials, animations, or product explainers, check out our solution Shootsta Pro.
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Learn more about Shootsta Elevate

Shootsta Elevate is an app that helps bring back face-to-face selling with video! Our AI patented app is designed for sales teams to create hundreds of personalised sales videos in minutes.
Traditionally, creating videos has been seen as time consuming, difficult, and expensive; however with Elevate’s predetermined scripts, cutaways, and brand control, you can shoot and deliver videos directly to your leads in the time it takes to write an email. That’s Video Simplified. Using video and how it can help Using video as part of the overall sales process helps accelerate deals, connect with prospects and improve client relationships. In an increasingly overcrowded landscape, it’s important to stand out against the competition. By nature humans buy from humans, and recently, due to our remote, distributed workforce we have been restricted to limited options. Video has now enabled organisations and sales teams to bridge the gap and maintain the human touch creating hyper personalised moments for prospects that are currently inundated with messages. Who can use Shootsta Elevate? Shootsta Elevate was traditionally designed for Sales teams to create ‘piece to camera’ videos to get better response rates from their outreach efforts. Now although we certainly specialise in this, we are not bound to this use case. Elevate can be used to send internal updates, create thought leader content for social media, training videos for your onboarding and more. Video solutions for every industry If you’re wondering just how video will work for your business, don’t worry – our clients span every industry, from Technology to Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Real Estate, Building / Civil Engineering / Construction and Government, plus Hospitality, Travel and more! There’s a video for every use case. If you work within an industry that handles sensitive information and you’re wondering what safety measures we have in place to protect sensitive information and data, please speak to sales team and they will help explain how we securely store and protect your information.

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You’re one step away from free video tips, tricks, product guides, & templates to kick start your video strategy.