Shootsta Elevate

Ready to take your sales performance to new heights? With the Shootsta Elevate AI app, now your teams have the power to make hyper personalised, fully branded sales videos, ready to share in minutes.

Supercharge your sales teams

Accelerate your sales cycle with personalised video. Our AI-powered app will give your business the advantage and cut through the noise at every stage of the sales cycle. From outreach to follow-up, use video to accelerate your pipeline and close deals faster.

Bring face-to-face back. It only takes a few minutes to create a quality personalised video and share it directly in an email. No technical skills are required.

Share your story in a snap

We designed Elevate for businesses needing to produce quality content rapidly, with intuitive features and intelligent automation that simplifies the production process so you can share your story with the world almost instantly.

Templated approach Templated scripts and videos within the app save you time drafting your message and keep you and your team on-brand.

In-app autocue
The in-app teleprompter allows you to directly read your script off your screen while looking directly at the camera for fault-free videos.

Analytics & leaderboards
Measure the success of your team and the videos they’re creating with the integrated leaderboard and tracking capabilities.

Reece Group
  “Shootsta has enabled us to free up and give back time to our communications team so they can focus on how they’re creating their campaigns.”
Charter Hall
  “We have improved communications through the usage of video. We’re seeing a lot more people internally engaging with our comms.”
Rio Tinto
  “We haven’t even finished this year and we’ve already created over 300 videos.”

Elevate HQ

Every stunning Elevate video starts and ends on Platform, your ultimate hub for video production. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to video, our platform is designed to empower you with the tools and support you need to produce highly engaging videos. Ready to unlock the limitless potential of video storytelling?

Ready to go Pro?

Is your business overwhelmed by growing or constant demand for video content, but lacks the time, skills or big budget to keep up? Shootsta Pro’s long-term subscription solution takes care of all your video needs to ensure you can easily create on-brand, ready-to-share video content in as little as 24-hours.

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