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Why you need a screen recorder

An essential tool for distributed teams

Good communication is vital for a team’s alignment and performance, especially when you can’t meet in person. The result? Emails and virtual meetings fill up your calendar quickly. There is a better way. With our screen recording app, Shootsta Cast, you can communicate in a personable, visual, and engaging way, wherever and whenever it suits you and your viewers.
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Meet Shootsta Cast

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Key features and benefits

The power of screen recording

  • Demonstrate like you would in person

    Capture what’s on your screen, your webcam, or both in high-quality video. Draw directly on the screen to highlight what’s really important.

  • Improve productivity

    Screen recording is faster than writing an email or attending an hour long meeting and easier than trying to line up everyone’s calendar, leaving more time to get things done.

  • Increase collaboration

    Communicate and interact with your viewers wherever and whenever suits them best. Comment directly on your recording with Shootsta’s collaboration tool.

Easy screen recording software

Perfect for presentations, product demos, tutorials, training, reporting, and so much more.
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Pause and resume

Designed for when you need a break. Whether you need to rethink your message or just need to load a new screen, you can pause and resume at any point in your recording.    
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Adjustable webcam widget

  • Click and drag it anywhere on-screen Move the camera widget around to ensure key information is visible on-screen.

  • Resize at any point during your recording Make it small for when you want the attention to go to your screen. Make it large if you’ve got something important to say.

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Draw anywhere on-screen

Write, draw, and mark directly on your screen. Perfect for getting your point across or highlighting what’s really important.
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Comment directly on your recording

Interact and collaborate with your viewers. Join the conversation, give feedback, raise or answer a question, or drop in a link.
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A must-have for any team

  • Customer Support Resolve customer issues visually and accurately.

  • Executives Share thought leadership and company updates.

  • Learning & Development Create tutorials and training videos for employees and stakeholders.

  • Marketing Present campaign reports or creative pitches.

  • Product and Engineering Give product demos, share ideas, or review products.

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Your videos are safe with us

  • Video Demo Tool

    Encryption everywhere

    Whether you’re uploading, downloading, or just storing video files, every bit is encrypted.

  • Video Collaboration Tool

    Backup and support

    Our platform is automatically backed up in multiple ways, so your data is always secure. Plus, you can count on 24/7 support for any incidents or security alerts.

  • Video Screen Capture Tool

    Share on your own terms

    You set the permissions to share your content, or not. You’re in control of whether you want to keep your video private, collaborate with your team, or share it publicly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shootsta Cast?

Cast is screen recording, webcam recording, and audio recording in one shareable and collaborative application.

Can I extend my Cast free trial?

Your free trial expires after 30 days. If you haven’t had a chance to try Cast within this time, please reach out to your Shootsta Account Manager or email

Can I invite a colleague to Shootsta Cast?

Absolutely! You can ask your colleagues to sign up via this link. Your colleagues won’t be able to access the videos within your own Shootsta account unless you set them up as a user.

What happens when my Cast free trial ends?

Once your trial has finished, you will be downgraded to our free plan. See our pricing for a plan that suits your needs. Reach out to your Shootsta Account Manager or email

How many days of my Cast trial have I got left?

You will get reminder emails. Not getting the emails? Check your spam folder and contact our support team.

My Cast trial ended. How can I get access to all features again?

We are thrilled to hear you enjoyed your free trial of Cast! To sign up for one of our paid plans to access all features, visit the Shootsta Cast page here and complete a form to speak with sales. You can also reach out via our Intercom support chat if you want to speak to someone sooner.
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Learn more about Shootsta Cast

Cast is Shootsta’s screen recording and video messaging application. It enables screen recording and video messages to be created using any webcam and computer.
Cast provides an all-in-one video solution for creating elevated screen-recorded videos perfect across multiple industries. Wherever and whenever a video message will get the point across better than traditional messages, emails and video call meetings – Cast should be your go-to. The value that Shootsta Cast provides by combining screen recording, webcam recording, audio recording, commenting, and sharing in one app is immeasurable (imagine trying to source and coordinate multiple 3rd party apps to get the value in Cast).   Shootsta Cast is perfect for: Improving Productivity: Faster than writing an email & perfect for presentations, product demos, tutorials, training, reporting, and so much more. Increasing Collaboration: Share and interact with your viewers wherever they are. Allow your viewers to comment directly on your recording with Cast’s Collaboration tool. Demonstrating with Ease: Capture what’s on your screen, your webcam or both in High quality (up to 4K depending on your screen resolution).

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