3 ways video will increase sales

October 13, 2017
If given the choice between reading a full page of content and watching a 60-second explainer video, which one would you choose? The fact is, our brains are hardwired to respond to visual stimulation. It’s important for businesses to focus on creating a real interactive, personalised dialogue with their customers – wherever, whenever and however they’re ready to listen and respond. Not only is it faster to watch a video than reading written content, but we retain more information when our brains are both verbally and visually stimulated… So, use this natural predisposition to video to your advantage.

1. Landing page conversions

A simple video introducing your product or service can go a long way. Place it on your landing page and watch conversions increase.
Including video in a landing page can increase conversion by 80% (EyeView).
We also know that the average person will spend 2.7 minutes watching an Internet video, but to ensure your main messages don’t get clicked off, Shootsta typically recommends between 60 and 90 seconds for best results. By staying well below the average, you ensure that you have the potential to hold everyone’s attention. How much can you say in 60 seconds? 140 to 160 words, so keep your script tight and precise. Your value proposition must be established quickly and clearly. By removing unnecessary details that complicate your communication with potential customers, you can look forward to increased sales.

2. Convey your company spirit and culture

The tone of your script and voiceover narrator is key to connecting with your audience. Is your company conservative and to-the-point or casual and laid back? And how do you want your brand or offering to be perceived? The words and style of your script can make a huge difference – but the tone will be everything – and only video can convey that. Another way to insert emotion into your video is to overlay with music. The key is to insert the music or sound effects strategically, much like you would a keyword on a landing page. Music should be played softly in the background so not to distract from the script. Generally, videos with music perform better than the same video without the background music.

3. Dominate SEO

Research shows that video results are 50% more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results than written content. All it really takes is tweaking the title, description and tags to match your keywords:
  • Your title should be under 120 characters, just like a blog post title.
  • Your description should mention two to three keywords naturally.
  • Your tags should do the same, especially since some video hosts use tags as a way of searching and sorting content.
Another great way to use video to your SEO advantage is by uploading a transcript, which will also contain your keywords.

In conclusion

According to Nielsen’s Australian Online Landscape Review, the average adult spends over seven hours per month watching online video. And that number only continues to grow. If you’re not personalising your customer’s experience, you’re missing out on opportunities to truly engage with that customer. Businesses are beginning to understand the power that video can bring to their organisations. Not only will the approach help lower customer service costs, it will ultimately allow your internal operations to run more smoothly and efficiently. If you liked this post and would like to receive more great helpful advice to take your video knowledge to the next level, please subscribe to our blog!

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