Shootsta launches world-first AI-powered video tool

April 6, 2021
Australian video production company Shootsta is launching what it’s describing as a world-first – a self-serve, automation-focused solutions to simplify video creation for enterprises. The company, which has clients such as AstraZeneca, Dell, Salesforce, DHL, PayPal in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe and the US, says its new tool, Elevate, would allow sales teams to easily create personalised branded videos for their prospects. “This move is about turning Shootsta into the solution rather than the process,” Shootsta CEO and founder Mike Pritchett said. “Our goal is to become a company that not only champions and supports use of video in the workplace but also simplifies the process.” Mr Pritchett said the Elevate app contains pre-set scripts, an autocue for filming the video, and options for branding and cutaway vision. Once the raw footage is submitted, the video is automatically edited within three minutes by the tool’s AI. The product is aimed at enterprise sales executives needing to make a lasting initial impression for a longer conversion process, Mr Pritchett said. “Personalised videos to prospects are a large part of the secret to Shootsta’s growth and sales success.” “We know that sales teams who use video increased click-to-open rates by 1500% are substantially more likely to meet their quarterly sales target. We’re addressing that disconnect with Elevate.” He added that Shootsta intends to launch two more technology products in 2021. The new automation-focused solution will help companies create high-quality videos without having to interact with an account manager or editor at Shootsta, while clients will have the choice of using these new services as they launch or to continue to engage with the company’s existing video offering. Publisher:
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