Robbie Marshall, Nation Training Manager


Samsung is a multinational technology company world’s largest producer of electronic devices. For Samsung, transforming their training programs to become more dynamic was a priority in order to keep the staff members engaged and help them retain more content. As part of that transformation Samsung is making more videos to remain simple in their solutions yet consistently and effectively engage their internal and external stakeholders by delivering content thats easy to comprehend visually. With the help of Shootsta, Samsung has discovered its invaluable tool to get in front of their staff members on a face-to-face level. Video learning modules integrated in their training programs, has enabled them to have an always-on solution, enabling the team to watch the content on-demand that can help the trainers cover a lot more content in a shorter amount of time.

Robbie Marshall, Nation Training Manager
Training Department
KPI – Reach a wider internal and external audience to cover training content in a shorter amount of time.
With Shootsta coming on board, they allowed us to make stuff that’s way more engaging, looks really professional, and at the end of the day gives us something we are actually proud to present to other people.
Robbie Marshall, National Training Manager
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The Challenge

Content heavy videos lack the desired effect for training

Training and development programs have expanded well beyond the traditional setting that require physical presence. Samsung was investing high amounts of time and resources on developing videos with their internal team that lacked visual interactivity and succinct scripting. This impacted the engagement rate with this content that was vital for the staff members to retain. With remote teams all across Australia, it was important for Samsung to provide a solution for their training programs that was easily accessible and provided a face-to-face value virtually.

In response to the Covid-19 situation, Samsung’s training department faced the limitation of traveling to their remote teams across Australia. They had to rely on e-learning platforms to effectively deliver the content in relation to their products and protocols to their internal and external members. The e-learning platform is dependent on onboarding 75-80% of their staff members. Their aim was to ensure reach to as many staff members as possible with easy to comprehend content.Alongside of this they were also compelled to carry out events virtually in order to connect the various remote teams and maintain an in-person value.

The Solution

Pivot quickly from physical to virtual training and events

Studies have shown that breaking down information into smaller chunks of relatable content can increase retention rate. Samsung adapted this concept to deliver visually appealing content in smaller pieces for their staff to access as per their convenience. With the help of Shootsta, they were able to implement an always-on solution with simplified production and high-quality engaging videos.

This is an example of the type of videos samsung created with Shootsta. Their Samsung Vacuum Jet Video is a concept to understand the training videos that they were able to put together with the Shootsta team.

Pivot quickly from physical to virtual training and events

The Result…

Engaging & effective training videos

The final result was 80% out of the 100 internal and external staff members to retain the training program content from the e-learning platform. This helped Samsung increase the efficiency of their training programs nationally.


We love partnering with Shootsta because they allow us to do our work, but do it in the background, do it really effectively and quickly. So that we can focus on our main tasks.
Robbie Marshall, National Training Manager