The Shootsta Show: Season 3, Episode 4.

The Shootsta Show is a live 1 hour program where we’ll teach you all you-need-to-know about professional videos. Each week we’ll broadcast from one of our locations in Sydney, Singapore, San Diego and London hosted by our resident video experts. They’ll bring you the latest best practices, tips, tricks and inspiration from around the globe.

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In this episode

In this episode, we’ll be chatting with Bernie Post, Corporate Storyteller at TD Ameritrade about how to make the shift to video with your corporate communications. We’ll share why video is a powerful tool for communicating messages and how to start creating and distributing them to a remote workforce.

Watch and learn:


  • Why and how your stakeholders will retain information better when delivered via video.
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  • How to become video first – including where, when and how to start using video.
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  • How to distribute the videos you create for maximum reach and impact.
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  • How to become video “fit” with teams working remotely in different locations and time zones.

Shootsta Video Plan

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