The Shootsta Show: Season 1, Episode 8.

The Shootsta Show is a live 1 hour program where we’ll teach you all you-need-to-know about professional videos. Each week we’ll broadcast from one of our locations in Sydney, Singapore, San Diego and London hosted by our resident video experts. They’ll bring you the latest best practices, tips, tricks and inspiration from around the globe.

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In this episode

Interviews are one of the most commonly recorded video formats. You see them everywhere, from news channels to social media platforms and they have the power to inform and inspire us, to help us relate to a shared experience, message, or story in such a profound way.

But how do you make this up close and personal video, both powerful and authentic? 

In this episode, we learn exactly how to find your angle and how to share insights from subject matter experts, storytellers, and your key stakeholders in the best possible way.


Watch and learn:


  • How to find a good story (aka how to plan for an interview)
  • t

  • How to bring the story out during the interview (aka how to film an interview)
  • t

  • How to bring the story to life (aka which answers to put in the video

Shootsta Video Plan

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