The Shootsta Show: Season 1, Episode 4.

The Shootsta Show is a live 1 hour program where we’ll teach you all you-need-to-know about professional videos. Each week we’ll broadcast from one of our locations in Sydney, Singapore, San Diego and London hosted by our resident video experts. They’ll bring you the latest best practices, tips, tricks and inspiration from around the globe.


In this episode

In this week’s episode of The Shootsta Show, Creative Services Manager, Nick de la Force, from our London team, teaches you how to create a video with limited equipment.

Without a doubt, it has been increasingly difficult for businesses to deliver high-quality content for both internal and external use whilst WFH. Not only has your setup probably changed, but access to your usual equipment, employees and locations might have also taken a hit. However, now is the most essential time to be creating content, and we’re here to help you produce professional and polished video, without access to a camera, talent, or location.


Watch and learn:

    • How to repurpose existing content (aka Content Stacking)
    • How to create a video without footage, talent or location
    • How to record a professional voice-over

Shootsta Video Plan

Our all-in-one creative brief, script, storyboard and shot list to create professional, quality video content.