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Create professional videos easily, fast, and cost-effectively throughout your entire organisation with Shootsta Pro – a video subscription solution fit to support your growing video needs. 

Empowering you with our post-production service

We empower teams around the world with our post-production service. We provide you with the technology, the equipment, the education, and the professional services to simplify your video production process. Our unique business model allows you to create quality, on-brand video content at scale, ready to share in as little as 24 hours. It’s the perfect blend between in-house and outsourced video production. That’s Video Simplified.

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How it works

You shoot, we edit. The power of Shootsta Pro.

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Key features and benefits

  • Lower the cost per video

    You don’t need an expensive video production agency. Create professional videos yourself with Shootsta Pro, for a fraction of the cost.

  • Scale video creation across your business

    All you need is a good camera (like the one in your pocket — yes, your mobile phone) and our cloud platform to manage and collaborate on video projects.

  • Speed up your video creation

    Your videos are edited by our professional editors, located in your region, in your time zone, in just 24 hours — not weeks or months.

Create a variety of video content

With Shootsta Pro you have the ability to create any sort of corporate or commercial video, plus:  
  • Animated explainers

  • Podcasts

  • Pre-recorded webinars

  • Voice-over videos

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Training Video Production

Professional services for when you need a helping hand

At Shootsta, we pride ourselves on empowering you to make professional, high-quality video, at scale. However, sometimes you may want a little bit of support. That’s where our Producers and Videographers come in. Together we’ll lift your video to the next level. We’ll help you script for maximum engagement, assist in direction — we can even shoot the video for you and communicate with the editors to ensure that polished, professional end result. 

Trusted by leading brands around the world

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Created Using Shootsta Pro

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video editing platform Australia
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Shootsta Pro integrations

Pro becomes even more powerful with your favourite tools directly available within the Shootsta platform. Whether you’re looking for quality stock footage to use in your video or seeking to publish your masterpiece directly unto your preferred video-hosting platforms, Shootsta Pro has your back. 

Business video editing software UK

Your videos are safe with us

  • Video Demo Tool

    Encryption everywhere

    Whether you’re uploading, downloading, or just storing video files, every bit is encrypted.

  • Video Collaboration Tool

    Backup and support

    Our platform is automatically backed up in multiple ways, so your data is always secure. Plus, you can count on 24/7 support for any incidents or security alerts.

  • Video Screen Capture Tool

    Share on your own terms

    You set the permissions to share your content, or not. You’re in control of whether you want to keep your video private, collaborate with your team, or share it publicly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create just one video with Shootsta Pro?

We’re more about long-term relationshops. Shootsta Pro is a video subscription service. It’s the perfect video production solution for companies who have a growing or constant need for video.

How does a Shootsta Pro subscription work? Can I cancel? Can I trial it?

Shootsta Pro is all about the relationship; we aren’t about the one-off video. We’re here to help your organisation have great video successes over the long run by really getting to know your goals and your brand and by working together with your team to achieve them. That’s why our model is based on a 12-month (minimum) subscription. Speak to our Sales Team if you have any questions about subscription, trial or cancellation options.  

How much does the average Shootsta Pro video cost?

For more details on cost, check out our pricing page here or get in touch with our sales team. No strings attached!

How is Shootsta Pro different from a video production agency?

With Shootsta Pro, you’re in the director’s seat. You decide on the creative idea and the video production services you’ll need. We’re here if you need consulting, video editing services, or video productions specialists. The best part? We do all of that for a fraction of the price, with super-fast turnaround times, and we can meet your demand at any time.

What sort of videos can I create with Shootsta Pro?

Pretty much any sort of corporate or commercial video you can think of. Promotional videos, training or instructional videos, interviews, business updates, animated explainers, video storytelling with voice-over, podcasts, and pre-recorded webinars, to name a few! Just keep in mind that some services or requests come at an additional cost.

Do I really need to shoot my own videos with Shootsta?

At Shootsta, we’re all about empowering you with tools, training, and support so you can create your own videos. From there you can film the video yourself, call in the help of one of our videographers, or go with an animated video instead. We’re here to support you no matter what!

What is the training and support like?

Great question! Our education, support, and professional services are provided by real video experts. We pride ourselves on working with the best producers, videographers, editors, animators, and voice-over artists so you get the best experience and results.

Can I invite a colleague? And will my colleagues have access to my videos

You can add or remove any team members from your Shootsta ‘Workspace’ at any point in time. Want to keep a video private? No problem, as the creator you’re in control of who in your team can see and or access your video projects.
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Learn more about Shootsta Pro

Our video production service is the perfect solution for all your corporate video needs. From our creative consulting services, camera operators available in any city in the world and our world class post production editing, we’ve got you covered!

Why corporate video production isn’t just a good idea – it’s essential

In today’s world, corporate video production is more than just smart. It’s something you can use to get ahead and stay ahead of your competitors, even the ones who’ve already started launching videos of their own. Our cost-effective corporate video production services mean you’ll be able to produce the best corporate videos at a pace your competitors can’t match. If you haven’t already started engaging prospects and stakeholders with powerful videos, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. If you’ve previously overlooked video production as a marketing and communications tool, you should know that many studies prove that it’s essential for just about every company, regardless of industry.

After Google, YouTube is the world’s second most popular website, meaning you can feel confident it’s an effective platform on which to market your brand. According to a recent study by HubSpot, 85% of consumers would like to view more video content from brands, and 90% said videos helped them during the decision process. Add those figures to the fact that 59% of executives prefer to watch video than read text, and you can see why corporate video production is now a necessity.

Bring your brand to life with bespoke corporate video production

Almost all companies understand the marketing value of creating an engaging corporate video, but many executives are put off by the assumed high costs of quality corporate video production in Australia. We’re here to make video production affordable and highly effective. And, we can use the power of video to do far more for your business than simply draw attention. At Shootsta, we can help you create truly compelling videos that inform, educate, entertain and inspire. From CEO updates to product demonstrations and training videos, clear and engaging communication is at the core of everything we do. Find out how we can bring out the best in your brand through corporate video production by calling us today.

Let a next-gen corporate video production company help your business thrive

Why miss out on the opportunity to modernise your business, expand your reach and watch your company grow when you can take advantage of our affordable corporate video production services that almost guarantee results? We’ll teach you how to plan your videos, capture the best footage and develop content that will meet your business objectives. Then, we’ll handle commercial video production on your behalf, ensuring all your videos are perfected in just 24 hours. With equipment, training and post-production services provided for an affordable monthly fee, Shootsta Pro is the obvious choice for corporate video production.

Unlike traditional video production businesses, at Shootsta, we’re an integral part of your extended team. We use your strategic objectives and required outcomes to provide a tailored, end-to-end video content solution that works for your business – while resonating with your target audience to drive real, actionable results.

Our process sets you up for corporate video success

While the video production industry has changed, the fundamental process for creating videos – pre-production, production and post-production – hasn’t. As a Shootsta client, we educate you to develop your video confidence in all three stages:
  1. PRE-PRODUCTION: This is the creative phase of making a video and includes brainstorming, briefing, scripting and storyboarding – as well as planning the logistics of your shoot e.g. gear, location, props.
  2. PRODUCTION: The video shoot is the execution of your pre-production planning. Here, you’ll set up your gear and check the lighting, framing, audio and focus, before recording your talent.
  3. POST-PRODUCTION: The post-production stage is where the magic happens – and our editors transform your footage into a finished video that tells a visual story, with branding, music and software effects.

Enable your team to create the best corporate videos in your industry

We work with highly experienced Australian corporate video production specialists with a proven track record of success. These experts pass all their skills onto your team, expanding your business’s capabilities in the process. Not only do we provide ongoing training, we’re also always on hand to answer questions and respond to technical issues. Plus, because our editors can work on your videos as soon as you upload them to our portal, you’ll never have to wait more than a day for finished videos that hit the mark.

Video solutions for every industry

If you’re wondering just how video will work for your business, don’t worry – our clients span every industry, from technology to financial services, health / medical / pharmaceutical, retail, real estate, building / civil engineering / construction and government, plus hospitality, travel and more! There’s a video for every use case. When it comes to scalable video, always-on ‘help’ videos and regular, episodic ‘hub’ videos are your go-to strategy. This is because ‘hub’ content, like ‘help’ content, is easier (and less expensive) to produce – making these videos perfect for business.

Before you leave, why not download our virtual selling toolkit?

You’re one step away from free video tips, tricks, product guides, & templates to kick start your video strategy.

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You’re one step away from free video tips, tricks, product guides, & templates to kick start your video strategy.