How Shootsta works for HR & recruitment teams

Utilise Shootsta to create videos that amplify your company’s employer branding and recruitment efforts. Showcase your unique workplace culture and career opportunities through engaging visual narratives.

Streamline the hiring process

Innovate your recruitment with video interviews and interactive onboarding content. Enhance candidate experience and efficiency in the hiring process, using video for initial screenings and introductions to the company culture.


Employee testimonials and culture showcasing

Leverage employee testimonials in your videos to provide genuine insights into your company’s work environment and culture, aiding in attracting like-minded talent.

Key benefits of using Shootsta for marketing videos

Shootsta will change the way you think about HR, with the power to simplify and streamline your ability to recruit, educate, train and retain, all through our suite of fast and easy video solutions.

Attract top talent
Use video storytelling to showcase your workplace culture.

Efficient recruitment
Simplify the hiring process with engaging video content.

Authentic employer branding
Build a genuine employer brand through employee stories.

Enhanced candidate experience
Improve the recruitment journey with interactive video content.

Effective onboarding
Utilise video for engaging and informative onboarding experiences.

Diversity and inclusion
Highlight your company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion through video narratives.

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