How Shootsta works for internal communications teams

Shootsta enables Internal Communications teams to create clear and engaging videos for company announcements, policy updates, and employee engagement initiatives.

Foster a connected workforce

Strengthen connections within your organisation, especially in remote or hybrid work environments, using video to communicate key messages effectively and consistently.

Consistent and clear messaging

Ensure uniform communication across the company with professional video content that clarifies policies, procedures, and company values.

The switch to video reduced costs for classroom training per hour per participan

Key benefits of using Shootsta for marketing videos

Communicate within your organisation like never before, with the suite of Shootsta tools and services you can ensure your teams are connected, informed and ready for action.

Enhanced communication
Improve internal messaging with concise, visually appealing videos.

Employee engagement
Foster a sense of community and involvement through engaging content.

Consistent messaging
Maintain uniform communication across the organization.

Crisis management
Quickly disseminate critical information in times of need.

Feedback and interaction
Encourage employee feedback and interaction through video Q&A sessions.

Recognition and motivation
Use video to recognise achievements and motivate staff.

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