Even the founder of video startup Shootsta is over Zoom calls – so here’s his advice on 3 ways to deal with them

By 30 April 2020 December 17th, 2020 No Comments

“April 2020. The whole world is pretty much in lockdown and entire organisations are working from home. Employers largely have replaced every single meeting with a video call. The result? After a month or two, video call fatigues kicks in hard.

“Video calls may be booming right now. But as much as I’m loving seeing what creative bedspread choices people have made, I’m over them.” said Shootsta CEO Mike Pritchett [feature image].

“But what’s the alternative, I hear you ask? How can I connect with my staff in a meaningful way without a video call? There are a few answers to this, and they are surprisingly easy workarounds.””