Slip into the Shootsta groove effortlessly, with our simple beginner training sessions that ease you into your newfound video creating tools.

Embarking on your Shootsta adventure

Welcoming you to the Shootsta ecosystem! Our onboarding process is designed to seamlessly integrate you into the world of professional video production. From initial setup to mastering the art of storytelling, we guide you through every step to ensure a smooth and empowering start.

Training for excellence

Our comprehensive and adaptable training covers everything from pre-production planning to filming your own video content like a pro. We’ll walk you through using the Shootsta Platform effectively, ensuring you’re equipped with the skills and knowledge to produce captivating content.

Keys to the kingdom

Our onboarding process ensures you gain full access and understanding of the Shootsta Platform. You’ll learn how to navigate efficiently, manage your projects, and utilise the various tools at your disposal. Our team provides exceptional support, ensuring you feel confident and ready to embark on your video production journey with Shootsta.

Getting to know your branding

Your brand’s identity is crucial to us. We help create or migrate your branding suite, ensuring your videos always reflect your unique brand essence, maintaining consistency and professionalism in all your content. Our team will become an extension of your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Shootsta, video creation isn’t the intimidating beast you think it is. We’ve got all the answers to squash every tiny bit of fear and doubt, so your business can make slick flicks, quick sticks.

A Workspace is your very own central hub for all your video project management when using the Shootsta Platform. In a nutshell, your Workplace allows you to create, collaborate, review and share, all in the one place. It stores, organises, and manages your video projects and assets. It allows team collaboration across all projects, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. And it offers a wide range of video tools to meet your projects scope.

No. You can add as many team members to your Workspace as you wish. We encourage a collaborative environment with no limits on creative minds working together.

Reviewing a video does require a seat license, but there’s flexibility. Viewers can comment on videos, and once feedback is consolidated, users with licenses can request changes.

Data in Workspace is stored regionally, based on where your subscription originates. For instance, Australian businesses will have their data stored in Australia, enhancing data security.

Currently, each subscription supports one Workspace. But, for those with bigger video ambitions, there’s an option to have multiple Workspaces at an additional cost. Contact us to explore this possibility.

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