Discover how to make powerful marketing videos with Shootsta’s video tools

Harness the power of professional video in your marketing team’s outreach, content, and social media strategies. Shootsta simplifies creating branded videos, essential for effective communication and connection with audiences.

Persuade and communicate effectively

Video content is a persuasive tool for conveying brand messages, with people responding more positively to video than other mediums. Brands and marketing teams looking to lead their markets in New Zealand, Australia and abroad are prioritising video in their content strategies.

Keep your videos on-brand and on time

Utilise Shootsta’s range of video creation tools to maintain consistent branding across all videos with marketing-approved branding suites and templates for various applications, supported by an efficient review tool.

Limitless potential to create, your way

Choose from Shootsta Elevate, Shootsta Pro, or Shootsta Premier Choose a video creation package from Shootsta Elevate, Shootsta Pro, or Shootsta Premier to create any video type, from animations to webinars, tailored to your marketing team’s needs.

Key benefits of using Shootsta for marketing videos

Shootsta will change the way you think about marketing content, with the power to amplify your ability to grow awareness, engage audiences, generate leads, and build loyalty through the simplicity of our vast video making solutions.

Lead generation
Use videos as effective lead magnets on landing pages.

Product promotion
Create engaging product launch videos, explainers, and demonstrations.

Consistent branding
Maintain uniform brand messaging and visuals across videos.

Creative collaboration
Facilitate teamwork between marketing and video professionals.

Adjust video production to match campaign needs.

Time savings
Focus on strategic marketing while Shootsta handles video production.

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