…and every month

Get to know some of your friendly neighborhood queers as they introduce our Pride Themed Branding Suite:

We’re so lucky to have a supportive and queer friendly environment at Shootsta but we know it’s not like that for everyone.

39% of those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, hide their identity at work. They are three times more likely to experience depression and feel disheartened at work. On the flip side, LGBTIQ+ employees who work in inclusive organisations are 47% more likely to work extra hard than employees in non-LGBTIQ+ inclusive organisations.

Inclusivity can be as simple as being open-minded or not making assumptions – right to wearing rainbows and acknowledging significant LGBTQI+ dates throughout the year. You’ve still got a week to create a video this Pride Month!

Pride Month is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate you and your LGBTQI+ colleagues everyday.

Our Pride themed Branding Suite consists of lower third supers, title pages and animated graphics. It is fully customisable and available to all our fabulous customers, absolutely free.

Simply let your Production Team Lead know via your project brief or through email if you’d like to include some rainbow pride in your next video. Simple as that!

Create your Pride Project now!

Ok, now sashay away.