The Shootsta Show: Season 3, Episode 1

The Future of Public Service Announcements is Video

The future of Public Service Announcements is video
In this episode, we’ll be chatting with Clayton Wehner, Manager, Marketing Strategy and Digital Innovation at City of Adelaide and Celia Dymond Head of Creative at the Department of Transport in Victoria on why and how their teams use video for Public Service Announcements. We’ll also be bringing some real life PSA video examples from their teams and other government and public organizations.
During this 1 hour broadcast, you’ll learn:
  • Why video is an effective tool to communicate a Public Service Announcement.
  • How to reach your audience.
  • What a good PSA video looks like.
  • How to reach, grab (and keep!) the attention of your audience – and potentially save their lives.
  • How to get people to take the correct action.

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