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Increase Your Conversion Rate With Video
In this episode, we’ll be chatting with Anna Rokina, Social Selling Enablement St Manager at Oracle and Steve Dawson, CEO and Fo under of Asian Market Entry about why video is a robust tool for engaging with prospects. Our team will share the opportunities video creates, along with tips and tricks on how to capture (and keep) the attention of your audience.
During this 1 hour broadcast, you’ll learn:
  • Why video sells
  • What RIO you can expect from making videos
  • What makes a good sales video that grabs (and keeps) the attention of your audience

Shootsta Video Plan

Our all-in-one creative brief, script, storyboard and shot list will help you create professional video content today. 



Gary Koay

Creative Director

Gary is a filmmaking enthusiast at heart who has been curious about stories since he was young. He has 14+ years of film production expertise and believes that videos/films are the best communication tool of our time. Its ability to translate thoughts, ideas, and messages is unmatched, and social media today has only made that more obvious.
His current role as a Creative Director at Shootsta, is to enable individuals and businesses alike to learn the video making medium and to help them strategise their content development so they can communicate more effectively both internally and externally.

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