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Level up your sales game with video

This week, The Shootsta Show broadcasted from sunny San Diego to bring you the latest tips, best practices, tricks and inspiration for your business content. Your hosts, Leighton Tso, Creative Producer and Chad Lakin, VP of North America, show you why video is an incredibly powerful tool for sales professionals.

In this episode, we’ll explain some of the secret sauce that Shootsta has learned over the years, show you some real-life example of sales videos, chat about successes (and some failures) and to bring a very special guest, Sherry Special, Senior Vice President of Mission Federal Credit Union to talk about how her sales team has pivoted during COVID-19 to use video to boost sales in their organisation.

During this 1-hour program you’ll learn:

  • Why video should be part of your sales strategy
  • How to use video to bring personality back to selling in a “mask-wearing” world
  • How video can help your sales workflow
  • How you can start making your own sales video content

Shootsta Video Plan

Our creative brief, script, storyboard, and shot list for sales teams will help you create professional video content today. 



Leighton Tso

Creative Producer

With a camera in hand, Leighton Tso has never been one to shy away from a challenge. He frequently found himself pushing the limits of each project, pioneering video content and developing video infrastructure for a variety of clients. Driven by the desire to “do great work,” Leighton has developed a reputation for mindfully crafting video solutions that fortify marketing strategies of all sizes.

His current role as a Creative Producer at Shootsta, is to enable individuals and businesses alike to learn the video making medium and to help them strategize their content development so they can communicate more effectively both internally and externally.

Chad Lakin

VP - North America

Chad Lakin is the vice president of North America for Shootsta, one of the world’s fastest-growing startups. He has many years of expertise in design, digital media and strategy. Since joining Shootsta in 2015, Lakin’s overarching leadership, strategy and wicked charm have consequently propelled the growth of the business to astronomical lengths. He's heading up the company’s U.S. office to help bring the power of storytelling through video to more brand managers and people around the globe.

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