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Simply adding what’s known as ‘cutaways’ to your videos, you can add new dimensions, smooth over any errors, and add a whole lot of professionalism. In this episode, you’ll learn exactly how to film great cutaways, direct from your phone.

We also have a special guest this week, Tak Hatanaka, Digital Communications Officer at Blacktown City Council in Australia. Tak upskilled his team to create video content utilising mobile phones. We’ll find out how the City Council communicate using video to their 350,000 residents and how they successfully scaled their content creation!

During the 1 hour program we’ll cover:

What are cutaways and what is the difference with ‘b-roll’?

Why do you need cutaways?

How to plan for cutaways?

How to shoot cutaways?

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Gary Koay

Creative Advisor, Shootsta

Gary is a filmmaking enthusiast at heart who has been curious about stories since young. He has 14+ years of film production expertise and believe that videos/films are the best communication tool of our time. Its ability to translate thoughts, ideas, and messages is unmatched, and social media today has only made that more obvious.
His current role as a Creative Advisor at Shootsta, is to enable individuals and businesses alike to learn the video making medium and to help them strategise their content development so they can communicate more effectively both internally and externally.

Tak Hatanaka

Digital Communications Officer & Video Lead, Blacktown City Council

Tak's always been a creative, attending COFA with qualifications in design. He has over 10 years of professional digital marketing experience where he has spent the last two focusing on creating engaging video content.
He's passionate about implementing effective social content strategies across different sectors and currently supports a wider team at Blacktown City Council to create engaging content within their own departments.

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