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So your company wants to do more video and you’ve been tapped to be the on-camera talent, or to direct some of your colleagues…great, now what? Simple changes to how you present on camera can make a world of difference in how well your videos are received, how much information your audience retains, and how much fun you have in the process.
In this week’s episode led by Leighton Tso and Nathan Luber from our San Diego office, you’ll learn how to increase your presentation skills, boost the quality of your videos, and maybe even take a couple of tips away to help direct your talent for all of those videos we know you’ll be inspired to create!
During the 1 hour program we’ll cover:
  • Why a good presentation matters.
  • How should I look? We’ll cover best practices on appearance, body language, and facial expression.
  • How should I speak? We’ll get you some tips and tricks from a real voice coach on how to sound confident and crystal clear.
  • What do I do about nerves? We’ll show you some exercises to regain your calm and confidence.
  • How should I prep? Do’s and don’ts before presenting.

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Leighton Tso

Creative Producer

With a camera in hand, Leighton Tso has never been one to shy away from a challenge. He frequently found himself pushing the limits of each project, pioneering video content and developing video infrastructure for a variety of clients. Driven by the desire to “do great work,” Leighton has developed a reputation for mindfully crafting video solutions that fortify marketing strategies of all sizes. Now as a Creative Producer at Shootsta, Leighton spends his days traversing the world of video alongside clients, developing jovial and purpose-driven content, and eternally straining to see the big picture.

Nathan Luber

Production Manager

Nathan's mom likes to joke that he was born with a camera in his hands, which may or may not be true... With a passion for all things creative, Nathan has focused his efforts on becoming one of the top all around videographer/editor/producer/directors in the San Diego area and uses those talents at Shootsta to help our clients make some amazing video content.

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