In this week's episode...

Our resident Video Trainers Luke Walker and Zack Jay teach you how to make a creative video.

If you’re currently stuck for inspiration for your videos, you’re not alone. We’re all struggling with our new home office set ups, balancing the blurred lines of life and work, so how can we stay creative and continue producing knock-out video content that continues to engage and impact your employees, clients and prospects?!

During the 1 hour program we’ll cover:

– What is a creative video
– What is funny, attention grabbing or simply just original content
– How to be creative with video
– Verbal, Visual, Auditory creativity. Learn the difference and when to use them

Shootsta Video Plan

Our all-in-one creative brief, script, storyboard and shot list will help you create professional video content today. 



Luke Walker

Video Trainer

Luke has been working at Shootsta since 2015. Before joining, he did a degree in teaching and worked as a freelance videographer. Combining his love of teaching and video, Luke has spent the past four and a half years training, filming and editing content for many of Shootsta’s clients around the world.

Zack Jay

Video Trainer

Zack has been making video since he was 10 years old. At the age of 13 he was already helping out on big television sets and video shoots.

Zack has been working at Shootsta since 2015. He started as a Video Editor and is now passionate about sharing his skill set and learnings with clients on how to plan, shoot, and brief video for editing.

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