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Join Creative Producer Leighton Tso, from our San Diego team, as he teaches you everything you need to know to kickstart your video production, even if you’re stuck at home with limited equipment options.

Discover during the 1 hour program:

  • How to script
  • How to film on your phone
  • How to present on camera
  • How to turn your living room into a great background
  • How to turn your footage into a video


Leighton Tso

Creative Advisor

With a camera in hand, Leighton Tso has never been one to shy away from a challenge. He frequently found himself pushing the limits of each project, pioneering video content and developing video infrastructure for a variety of clients. Driven by the desire to “do great work,” Leighton has developed a reputation for mindfully crafting video solutions that fortify marketing strategies of all sizes. Now as a Creative Producer at Shootsta, Leighton spends his days traversing the world of video alongside clients, developing jovial and purpose-driven content, and eternally straining to see the big picture.

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