The Shootsta Podcast

Digital transformation, a 21-st century buzzword and a real challenge for businesses today to future proof their existence.

Digitising your business from analogue to digital whether it’s data, documents, business processes, culture, customer experiences or communication; transforming doesn’t happen overnight. Like with any other massive organisational initiative, strong leadership is key.

Who are these mystical superpowers and how did they pull it off? Eager to hear their challenges and successes, Mike Pritchett, Founder and CEO of Shootsta chats with Digital Transformers from various industries across the globe. This is their story.

Marcella Davis

Digital transformation is inevitable and affects businesses of all shapes and sizes, but one thing remains constant – people.

On this episode of the podcast, Founder and CEO of Shootsta, Mike Pritchett speaks with Marcella Davis about the role of digital in the Human Capital space. Marcella is Founder & Director at Real People Equity and expert in business strategy & organisational design. Mike & Marcella dive deep into how to support effective communication across an organisation & how to avoid burnout as we all adapt to working from home.

Chris Wyatt

Digital learning is on the rise but can we really transform the value of face-to-face learning into a digital experience?

On this episode of the podcast, Founder and CEO of Shootsta, Mike Pritchett speaks with Chris Wyatt about the future of education. Chris is Vice President, Global Education for Jo Malone London and Darphin at The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. Mike & Chris also dive into blended learning, scaling & expanding your reach as an educator, how to create amazing content and metrics for measuring success.

Alexandra Sloane

What are the guiding principles that will lead marketers and their business to success?

On this episode of the podcast, Founder and CEO of Shootsta, Mike Pritchett speaks with Alexandra Sloane about digital transformation in marketing. Alexandra is Director of Marketing at Facebook Australia & New Zealand and an expert in digital marketing. Mike & Alexandra also dive deep into the surprising consumer trends Facebook has seen during the shutdown, delivering value for customers and building brand through positive customer experience!

Harvey Neve

How do you inspire change and embrace new ways of working across a business?

In this episode of the podcast, Founder and CEO of Shootsta, Mike Pritchett speaks with Harvey Neve about the interplay of people, place & technology in creating digital transformation. Harvey is Head of Digital Products and Transformation at Public Health England. He is a specialist in leadership and business change having held transformational leadership roles in both the private and public sectorsThe two dive into Harvey’s notion of ‘crossing the digital rubicon’ and explore what other forces are changing the nature of work as we know it.

Nicki Kenyon

How do you market to your consumer when the product you’re selling, no longer exists? This is the challenge facing marketing departments across the tourism industry. 

In this episode of the podcast, Founder and CEO of Shootsta, Mike Pritchett speaks with Nicki Kenyon about digital transformation within marketing. Nicki is the former General Manager, Marketing at Visit Victoria, and an expert in change management and digital adoption. Nicki & Mike dive into tactics & strategy for driving change across a business and how video has redefined digital marketing.

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