Everything you need to make the perfect video

The Shootsta Kit

The Shootsta Kits were created to make shooting professional videos easier than ever before. We’ve filled the Shootsta Kit and the Shootsta Mini Kit with a robust array of powerful and easy to use production tools so you and your team can feel confident getting the shots you need. If you’re wanting to take your videos to the next level, the Shootsta Kits are perfect for you and your team.

The Shootsta Kit Closed View with Branding
Your video studio in a box

The Shootsta Kit

The Shootsta Kit is our top-notch filming solution and includes everything you need to create high-quality video content. Featuring a ‘prosumer’ camera and teleprompter, we’ve built this kit to be a portable studio, easily setup and packed up in minutes. Ideal for filming videos with a message, like business updates, interviews, training videos, testimonials, customer stories and more. Includes:
  • DSLR Camera
  • Teleprompter
  • Lapel mic
  • Tripod
  • LED light
The Shootsta Kit Open View
Made for filming on-the-go

The Shootsta Mini Kit

The Shootsta Mini Kit is a smaller, portable edition of the Shootsta Kit and designed for shooting on-the-go. It features a gimbal to help you capture beautifully cinematic shots. Perfect for cutaways, b-roll and any other sort of content you need when you’re out and about.  Think company offsites, branch visits, vox pops, behind-the-scenes, day-in-the-life and more. Includes:
  • Smartphone
  • Smartphone stabiliser
  • Lapel mic
  • Mini tripod
The Shootsta Mini Kit Open View with all equipment