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For B2B Sales Teams looking to cut through the noise with personalised videos Need help with your Shootsta Elevate video creation? Choose from a range of services designed to help you take your sales videos to the next level.

Videographer Services

Need help filming? Our videographers can help out!
See inclusions:
Film piece to cameras, interviews, events, tutorials & more
Minimum 2 hour booking
Videographers located in most major cities
Competitive prices

Training Services

Want to scale personalised video for your sales team? Let’s train them!
See inclusions:
How to plan an Elevate video
How to film an Elevate video
Sales presenter workshop

Creative Services

Ensure your Elevate videos hit the mark with prospects everytime.
See inclusions:
Strategy Assist
Plan Assist
Shoot Assist
Edit Assist

More about our services

Shootsta’s range of services offers you the autonomy to choose how you want to use video.
  • Video Creative Services

    Videographer Services

    Leverage a global network of videographers to capture the footage that you can’t. Whether you need a video for an event, your CEO’s latest update or footage from the other side of the world; our dedicated team is here to help capture it.

  • Video Creative Services

    Training Services

    Learning how to create video is a skill you will take with you wherever you go. Our team is here to provide you with all the expert tips and tricks on how to create the videos you need. Learn how to film with whatever camera you have available and how to plan compelling and engaging videos and more. Come learn with us!

  • Video Creative Services

    Creative Services

    Our four core services help you in every stage of your video journey. Whether its strategy, planning, filming or editing – we have you covered.

Examples of work created by our creative team of experts

Videography Company
Shootsta Pro, Elevate & Cast | Training Services
Advanced: Camera Skills, How to present to camera
Corporate videography company
Campbell Page | Creative Services
Strategy Assist, Plan Assist, Shoot Assist, Edit Assist | Videographer Services: 4 hours
Business Video Production Services
Itoc | Creative Services
Plan Assist, Edit Assist | Videographer Services: 12 hours
Video Editing Services, Video Editing Tool and Platform Australia
Schneider Electric | Pre-recorded Webinar
Innovation Day

We also offer retainers

Enable your company to create powerful content at scale with our Professional Services Retainer. It is perfect for organisations that need to create a lot of different types of content at a high quantity. We’ll be your partner to ensure your team succeeds in hitting their content goals. Get in touch to find out more about our retainers and purchasing Professional Service support in bulk.
Videography Company
Corporate videography company

Let’s take your video to the next level

At Shootsta we pride ourselves in empowering you to make professional, high-quality video, at scale. Our professional Services are always tailored and quoted based on your video needs. We’d love to know more about your project goals first so we can recommend the right approach for maximum impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check here to see if your questions have already been answered. If not, please do reach out. We’d be happy to chat!

Will the training be recorded?

We do not record our trainings.

Will the Creative Producer handle the video project end to end?

If you purchase a Plan, Shoot and Edit assist, our Creative will help you from inception to completion.

Do you use a network of freelance editors?

No, all of our professional editors are full-time employees of Shootsta. Before Covid, they all sat in our offices in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or San Diego, along with our account managers and creative advisors. Now they either still sit in the office (when local regulations allow!) or work virtually from their home offices. They are also located in your local region, so you always have someone to speak with in your time zone and in your local language! We are strong believers in quality and consistency – your brand shouldn’t accept anything less, so we hire the best local talent to support you.

Do you recieve training and support with Shootsta Elevate?

We provide education, support, and professional services from real video experts to all our clients. We pride ourselves on working with the best producers, videographers, editors, animators, and voice-over artists, giving you the best experience and results.

How long does the training go for?

Our virtual training goes between 1 – 2 hours, depending on the subject matter. If you would like an immersive in person training experience for your team, we do 6 hour in person bespoke trainings that cover multiple topics. A great day for your team!

Can my creative producer write my script for me?

Within our specialised Plan Assists, your Creative Producer aims to script as much of your video as possible. If there is more to do, they can either give you very clear next steps or book in another Plan Assist.

Will the Creative Producer handle the video project end to end?

If you purchase a Plan, Shoot and Edit assist, our Creative will help you from inception to completion.

Is there a discount available for purchasing creative services hours in bulk?

Absolutely! Get in touch to see our retainer packages.
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