The Shootsta Show: Season 1, Episode 1.

The Shootsta Show is a live 1 hour program where we’ll teach you all you-need-to-know about professional videos. Each week we’ll broadcast from one of our locations in Sydney, Singapore, San Diego and London hosted by our resident video experts. They’ll bring you the latest best practices, tips, tricks and inspiration from around the globe.

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In this episode

Luke from Shootsta’s Sydney office shares all you need to know to get your content planning sorted for the coming weeks and months.

Watch and learn:


  • Where to get ideas
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  • What are other companies are making during lockdown
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  • How to set up a content plan
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  • Which videos should you be creating right now during COVID-19

Shootsta Video Plan

Our all-in-one creative brief, script, storyboard and shot list to create professional, quality video content.