Want promotional video production from a video company that knows brands? Welcome to Shootsta – the award-winning corporate production company that’s disrupted the industry to help businesses like Qantas, PwC, HarperCollins, GSK, Laing O’Rourke and more create engaging, effective promotional videos for products, services and brand campaigns.

45,000+ videos, 5,300+ users, and 200+ clients. Shootsta works best.

Video: The way to promote, inform and persuade

“80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days” (Source: Forbes). You can’t argue with data, and when it comes to video, the numbers have it: video is the most effective way to raise brand awareness, market your message and boost advertising recall, especially when it comes to video marketing activities.

Promotional – or promo – videos leverage the multi-sensory nature of video to craft stories that resonate with audiences, while informing people about value-add products and services (or your brand) e.g. video types like product demo videos or ads. They’re short and sweet, big on impact, and they live to serve the right message to the right person at the right time.

Promotional videos are the best way to:


Target your

engaging video

Engage your


Generate more

sales graph improving

Drive more

And what better way to showcase Shootsta, than with a promo video!

Why Shootsta?

Cost per Video

Average cost of less than
$ 1,000 per video

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24-hour turnaround


Convenient subscription

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Video asset management, sorted


Training & creative services

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Dedicated support

Video gets cut-through

In this attention economy, it’s all about knowing your audience, and delivering value above and beyond their expectations, regardless of whether you’re informing, entertaining or inspiring them. But in today’s world of content fatigue, increasing ad blocker use and fragmented platforms, is getting cut-through even possible?

At Shootsta, we’re video-first, because we know video works best for messages that matter. Let’s face it, nobody wants to read emails, or social posts, or any other cumbersome test-based deliverables any more; there’s a reason platforms like Facebook and Instagram have prioritised video above all else. Why? Because it’s what people want. It cuts through the noise. And professional videos get attention, facilitate conversation – and drive results. So if you want to promote your brand’s products or services, pair your call to action with the content format that’ll secure your return on investment the best: video.

Create your own promotional videos easily and affordably

At Shootsta, we do promo video production a little differently. Our unique mix of in-house training, user-friendly equipment, and ‘Hub’ and ‘Help’-style video content means you can scale high-quality videos for a fraction of what promotional video production costs. So whether you’re a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, Shootsta has a solution for every use case.

Promotional videos made by Shootsta clients

Our talented clients have made successful promo videos like:




Our unique approach to promotional
video production

Shootsta’s subscription-based, scalable video solution solves the age-old question of ‘speed + quality + cost’ – by enabling businesses like yours to create high-quality promotional videos cost-effectively, and at a volume you’ve only dreamed of… And in just 24 hours!

Here’s how Shootsta works:

Onboarding icon

30-day Onboarding

You choose our 30-day onboarding program, which gives you everything you need to get started with video.

Content Planning Workshop

Our Creative Services team then kick off your Shootsta journey with an in-depth workshop, to brainstorm content ideas and plan a calendar of videos – all informed by your business and content goals.

Kit Training

Shootsta Kit & Hub Training

Next, our full-day training session gets you shooting videos. Our Trainers walk you through the pre-production process, teach you how to shoot great footage using our purpose-built Shootsta Kit (includes a Sony A7 II DSLR camera, SD card, iPad Air autocue / teleprompter, tripod, LED light, GorillaPod, lapel microphones, transmitter, receiver and in-ear headphones), then show you how to upload your files to our cloud-based Shootsta Hub and brief your Editors.

Branding Suite

Using your style guidelines, our Editing team creates a motion graphic suite (with intros, lower thirds, outros etc.) to give your videos a clear, consistent ‘look and feel’. If you’d like help, we can also advise on your video style guidelines.


Happy? Sign Up For Shootsta

We’ve surprised and delighted you with our hit-the-ground-running onboarding – now it’s time to choose the right Shootsta package for your business and production budget! We also have optional extras you can add, too.


Shoot. Upload. Edit. Share.

As a Shootsta client, you keep on shooting and uploading engaging, effective videos, we handle all the post-production, and then you share the finished products with your external or internal audiences.


End-goal: Winning at video

Our Account Management and Creative Services teams will continue to support you on your journey, with strategic workshops, intermediate / advanced camera training and more – so you can win at product video production!

Success stories

“We’ve seen the engagement of our videos go up 464% from the views… So those results have just been mind-blowingly amazing. We’re absolutely delighted.”

— Daniel Collins,
Retail Education Director @Clinique

“Shootsta resonates throughout the organisation. People understand that video, it’s a skill, it’s a craft, it has a tangible value, and it’s the best communication tool we have.”
— Clare Robinson,
Digital Content Manager @ Qantas

“Speed is of top priority as new ideas are discussed and launched… Speed is highly valued in our business and Shootsta’s grand promise of ‘Shoot Today, Share Tomorrow’ spoke to us.”
— Manisha Seewal,
Group CMO @ Carro

Video is the most compelling medium there is, and we’re here to help you wield its transformational power for promotional videos that achieve (and exceed) your business goals. So no matter whether you’re in marketing or sales, or if your goal is brand awareness, prospect nurturing or customer acquisition, for high-quality, cost-effective promotional videos that persuade – look no further than Shootsta as your video production company.

Don’t get left behind… Start getting more out of video now. And if you have any questions about promotional video production, just drop the team a line. We’re here to help!

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