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Looking for the best video production in the San Francisco Bay Area? Then discover the next generation of corporate video production company: Shootsta.

Working with American brands like Airbnb, TD Ameritrade and Lumity, we partner with a mix of companies and industries to deliver high-quality, cost-effective videos – in just 24 hours. So for a video production company in San Francisco that not just sets but raises the bar, look no further than Shootsta to help you win at video!

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Types of videos

Are you aiming to inspire, educate or entertain with your videos online? Raise awareness, engage and nurture, or convert viewers? And are they internal or external? No matter your goal or target audience, there’s a type of video content to suit you; social media videos, explainer videos, motion graphic videos, even live event videos – you name it, we’ve helped make it happen!



Internal Comms

TD Ameritrade

Amberton Beach

‘Thanksgiving Tips’ by Shootsta

Our tentpole video for Thanksgiving features humour, quick cuts and the staff in our US office to give you a sense of our people and culture – and (hopefully) entertain!

3 top filming locations in San Francisco

Ferry Piers

One of San Francisco’s biggest attractions is its stunning water views – so let’s start there. Along the Embarcadero, near the Ferry Building, sit several public piers that offer classic city shots in one direction, and Treasure / Yerba Buena Islands in the other. On a clear day, you can even catch ferry traffic and a little of the Golden Gate Bridge. We recommend heading south to Pier 14 – a 637-foot structure culminating in ‘The Pier’, and the last accessible dock before the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge – for epic shots of the bridge (or anything else water-related)!

You can find information on commercial permits here.

Coit Tower

To the north-west of the piers, sitting atop Telegraph Hill’s green summit, is the simple, statuesque Coit Tower – a San Francisco skyline icon, but also a great place to film! The base of the concrete column offers panoramic views of the city (looking south), with Alcatraz to the north; as well as the Golden Gate Bridge to the west, directly opposite the piers and East Bay. Our top tips: while great for shooting cutaways, beware of Pioneer Park’s parrots for noise if you’re recording audio! There’s also limited parking on-site, so factor this into your transport plans.

The tower is part of San Francisco Recreation Parks, so you’ll need permission to film – for information, visit the website.

Golden Gate Park

For expansive views of the city and bay (not to mention an abundance of outdoor backdrops), Golden Gate Park is worth the trip. Alongside your typical drawcards like botanical blooms and the Panhandle for people-in-the-park shots, lie oak woodlands, a bison paddock, rustic lakes – even multicultural surrounds like the Japanese garden and Dutch windmills. As one of San Francisco’s park locations, film permits apply.

About Shootsta

Shootsta is the world’s first subscription-based video production firm, specialising in high-quality, cost-effective videos at scale – and in just 24 hours. Our production services include providing you with the technology, training and creative consulting (like helping with your video strategy) to transform the way your business communicates. So whether you need videos for marketing, internal communications, training, human resources or sales, we can help you leverage video to meet your business and content goals. Just shoot and upload your footage, our professional editors take care of the post-production, and then you can share your videos with the world (or office)! Shootsta. It’s video, simplified.

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“We’ve seen the engagement of our videos go up 464% from the views… So those results have just been mind-blowingly amazing. We’re absolutely delighted.”
— Charlotte Hough,
Digital Education Manager @ Clinique

“Shootsta resonates throughout the organisation. People understand that video, it’s a skill, it’s a craft, it has a tangible value, and it’s the best communication tool we have.”
— Clare Robinson,
Digital Content Manager @ Qantas

“One of the great things about Shootsta is that it’s making videos accessible across the business, therefore more people are getting involved and actually shooting video content.”

— Chris Quinn, VP Marketing @ Schneider Electric

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