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Transform the way you communicate with the power of video. Create quality content cost-effectively at scale with Shootsta. We’d love to know more about you and your teams current video strategy. Check out our full platform demo or speak with us for a complimentary session to discuss how to better utilise video in your plan.

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Accelerate your sales cycle with personalised video

The buying process has changed, and cutting through the noise is harder than ever in our virtual world. Shootsta Elevate is the only AI-powered app you need to create sales videos within minutes. Drive action with video at all stages of the sales funnel, from connecting to closing.

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Create professional videos quickly, easily, and cost-effectively

We empower teams around the world with our post-production service. We provide the technology, equipment, education, and creative services to create quality, on-brand video content at scale, ready to share in just 24 hours. It’s the perfect blend of in-house and outsourced video production.

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Transform the way you communicate with screen recording

Create screen-recorded videos easily. Virtual meeting fatigue is a real drain. Improve your productivity and collaboration across distributed teams with our handy screen recording tool, which allows you to instantly share video messages that are perfect for presentations, product demos, training, and education.

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Videos created with Shootsta

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PwC | Recruitment video
Is Cyber security the job of the future?
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Shootsta | Sales Outreach
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TouchPoint Medical | Sales Outreach
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VISA | Event Video
Fintech Finals
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LinkedIn | Thought Leader Video
Top Voices: Jonathan Wilson Career Advice

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Learn more about Shootsta

Our purpose is to simplify video. Video can be complicated, expensive and time-consuming. So, we decided to simplify it. Shootsta connects all parts of the production workflow in a single, unified, cloud-based ecosystem.
This provides companies and users with a place to seamlessly collaborate and work together to create, manage and distribute video content-anytime, anywhere. Video production isn’t just about a typical one-off or high-end video anymore — it’s about scale and utilising technology. Through a combination of creative inspiration and technology, Shootsta enables everyone to create quality video content. So, whether you’re in Marketing, Internal Communications, Learning & Development, Training, Human Resources, or Sales — video is accessible for you. That’s Video Simplified. We love our customers and are privileged to work with amazing people from a diverse range of businesses — from multinational Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. We operate globally with teams located in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, London and San Diego. Our clients have proven that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, anyone can create quality video content.

What is Shootsta?

Shootsta is a video tech platform that enables companies around the world to scale their video content through a suite of apps and professional services.  Our mission is to simplify video for business. Our tools and experts take away the fear of creating quality content and empower teams to clearly and effectively communicate through video. Our clients are producing consistent, quality video content for internal and external communications, sales and marketing, training & education with ease, cost-effectively, at speed and frequency never before achieved.

How are you different from a video production agency?

Unlike a traditional agency, we don’t manage your video projects end-to-end using our Shootsta Pro service or our suite of apps including Shootsta Elevate and Shootsta Cast. We’re here to empower you to create your own videos which ultimately reduces your video production costs. We also reduce your project turnaround times with our 24 or 48 hour editing service all produced by human editors (we pride ourselves on our local teams of professional editors!). We’ll train you how to effectively shoot professional video on your own camera, phones or using one of our customised camera kits. You can then upload your footage directly into Shootsta so you can start sharing your video content as soon as possible. With a Shootsta Pro subscription, you also get consistency across all your video projects.

How are you different from an editing app?

Unlike a video editing app, the videos you upload using our Shootsta Pro service are made by real, human editors you can brief and talk to about your video project. We have a team of professional editors around the globe who will take on all the hard work for you. They will work with you to bring your vision to life and will even guide you on how to take your video project to the next level within 24 or 48 hours – depending on the turnaround time of your subscription. Our editors know your branding and will make sure it’s applied correctly. Need to create video quickly and without waiting on a post-production editor? Check out the Shootsta Elevate app, perfect for sales communications, or our very own screen recording tool called Shootsta Cast. These tools are perfect for sales teams to accelerate their sales cycle and cut through the noise.

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You’re one step away from free video tips, tricks, product guides, & templates to kick start your video strategy.

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You’re one step away from free video tips, tricks, product guides, & templates to kick start your video strategy.