Shootsta’s commitment to clients during COVID-19

In the wake of COVID-19 we will be maintaining business as usual and are committed to helping you achieve great video content wherever you are located.

Government announcements across the globe have, and will continue to impact workforces globally as we all aim to limit the spread of the virus and self isolate. We will continue to provide all our existing and new clients with the same level of help and ongoing support no matter where our employees are located.

Our commitment to you

Like many other companies, we have closed our offices to ensure our staff’s health, well being, and minimise the impact that COVID-19 is having on our local communities that we operate in.

We have increased our security protocols to ensure that we meet the same level of security requirements that our clients would expect from working at the office.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be communicating primarily through video (surprise, surprise!). Not only will we be providing fortnightly webinars, we will be bringing all our training online, to help ensure your teams are set up for success with video creation, wherever they are based.

Upcoming webinars

APAC: Tuesday 31st March, 11AM SGT/HKT | 2PM AEDT. Register today.
UK: Tuesday 31st March, 11AM GMT. Register today.
USA: Tuesday 31st March, 11AM PST. Register today.

How can we help you?

Shooting video content via your mobile device or Shootsta kit will become vital in order to maintain consistency, normality and positivity for your staff.

Whether you’re new to Shootsta or you’ve been with us for a while, we will be running creative sessions free of charge to help you and your team communicate effectively during this time. Contact your Account Manager for more information or contact us.

We’re also releasing new video content solutions to help your business increase communication with internal and external stakeholders, including podcasts, pre-produced webinars, animated explainer videos and professional voice overs.


Here are some recommended video ideas to keep your teams aligned to minimise disruption.


Ask your CEO and Heads of Department to film their internal updates using their mobile phone. Information can often get misconstrued in a blanket ‘send-to-all’ email, so use video when you can.


Shootsta’s CEO shares regular weekly video updates to their worldwide workforce in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA and UK. Here is one example shared in mid-March as new countries were advised by local Governments to self-isolate.


As company information evolves, whether that be operational or financial, keep your workforce and clients updated, and informed through video.

Here’s an example from DUAL Australia. Here, their CEO uses video to ensure their partners have the latest updates from the company on how they are continuing to operate during the COVID-19 situation.

HR Tips

Is ‘working from home’ a new habit for your team? Show them how you’re set up in order to achieve high productivity in their new working environment.

Check out these 9 Tips To Be Productive When Working At Home During COVID-19, from Forbes.


Have you got new starters in the company or trying to help your workforce adapt to their new way of working from home? Use video to help share all the relevant and key information in a more digestible format.

Example: How To Be More Productive Working From Home, SkillShare online course.

Need some help today?

Get in touch with your Account Manager or contact us to speak to one of our Video Experts.



How will my team receive the necessary training with the Shootsta Equipment?

We understand that adapting the way we work is essential for businesses to continue operating as seamlessly as possible, without disruptions. That’s why we’re bringing all our training sessions online. If you have additional staff members or departments that are in need of training, we will provide this support via live video streaming, online videos located in our Learning Centre and with additional support from your Account Managers.

Does the 24hr turnaround for videos still apply?

Yes, we guarantee we will remain delivering you the service level agreement based on your package. If you have 24 or 48 hour turnaround, we will be ensuring that your video projects are turned around as promised. We have followed government guidelines for all our office locations and moved all our staff to remote working during this time. We are fully equipped to deliver your videos back within your package turnaround time. You will still be able to request project add-ons, however this will be subject to approval as usual.

How is the Shootsta team set up to deal with remote working?

We are in the fortunate position of being a video first company, and we will continue to put this into practice during these times. Our team will now operate in remote locations, however our rigorous processes and security measures for our clients personal data and assets will not waiver as we continue using our private cloud based digital library for your videos.

Our Shootsta Kit or Mini-Kit is in the office, which we can’t access. How can we continue to use Shootsta without the equipment?

You can still create professional video content on your mobile device – even from your home! Our Client Services team are running regular webinars to help train you so contact your Account Manager to find out more. You can also take a look at our recent blog post, 6 tips for filming on your phone which walks you through some really handy tips on creating professional video content on your mobile device. Our team of professional editors can use your footage filmed on your phone to create your video content as you normally would on our kits.

What security measures are you taking to protect client data with your workforce moving to remote working?

We have increased our security protocols to ensure that we meet the same level of security requirements that our clients would expect from working at the office. We have taken the following steps in response:

  1. Implemented extra monitoring out of the offices, in order to track who is accessing our data from where
  2. Increased controls around accessing relevant client data while out of the office
  3. We have ensured that there is company wide compliance to updated malware/virus definitions
  4. We have initiated an external Penetration Test for 3rd party review of our client application.
6 tips for filming on your phone

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