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Searching for video production in Hong Kong? Discover Shootsta, the world’s first subscription-based video production company.

Shootsta has disrupted the video production industry to bring you high-quality, cost-effective videos in 24 hours. With our Hong Kong HQ in Southside’s cool, industrial-vibe Wong Chuk Hang, we partner with global Asian enterprises like Cathay Pacific,Mandarin Oriental and Invesco – providing the technology, training and creative consulting to empower organisations to create video content at scale.

These days, communication is everything. So for videos that engage, look no further than Shootsta for corporate video production in Hong Kong.

Types of videos

Does your brand want to produce internal or external videos? What’s your objective – to attract, engage (and convert), or delight? Do you need your content to inform, entertain or even inspire audiences? No matter your answers, there’s a type of video to achieve your business and content goals, whether it’s product videos, marketing campaigns, corporate videos, event content or more:

Brand tour video

AXA’s 1-minute ‘Know You Can’ video tracks their Brand Promise campaign featuring Serena Williams across urban Hong Kong. Using fun first-person point of view and scenic cutaways, the video moves through multiple locations (airport to MTR to Causeway Bay etc.), showcasing the campaign’s indoor and outdoor creative along the way. It’s a cool video that also leverages neat sound effects, like taxi and train sounds and the crunch of street snacks — all to the tune of Nas’ hip-hop track, ‘I Can’.

Interview video

Cathay Pacific’s ‘In space with…’ video interviews employee Ken Cameron — test pilot, engineer and ex-NASA astronaut — and is an example of snappy content executed skilfully. Clocking in at just over 2 minutes, the video focuses purely on Cameron, aptly dressed in his NASA shirt (a study in wardrobe effectiveness). This laser-focus is augmented by only 1 cutaway — a photo of Cameron in his astronaut gear, and leverages text-based cuts for questions vs. interjecting with a real-life interviewer. The end result: successfully engaging content. The video ends with a simple ‘thank you’ and call-to-action.

Workplace culture video

Wanted’s referral-powered recruiting platform is a great jumping-off point for their video on company culture and talent branding to attract candidates. Another 2-minute video, it intersperses short, sharp 1-person interviews from brands like Hallmark (and us!) with event b-roll from Wanted’s Recruiting Carnival, a career fair with a real focus on fun. Backed by great music, this content is not only an example of how other brands craft culture — but also how Wanted does, and does it well.

3 top filming locations in Hong Kong

Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour on Hong Kong’s southern island is a classic backdrop, with films like James Bond’s ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ and ‘Die Another Day’ taking advantage of its stunning vistas, all the way to more recent movies like ‘Ghost in the Shell’. A typical shot of the harbour sees the modern city skyline juxtaposed against Chinese junk boats, forming a lovely contrast between new and old. This is a great shot to leverage when talking about business updates, results, or innovation / futurism.

While filming in Hong Kong, it’s helpful to understand the climate and weather — being subtropical, the best months to film are November and December for sunshine, with January and February being milder (though also cloudier).

The Peak

Victoria Peak a.k.a. ‘The Peak’ is another well-known location, offering a variation on Victoria Harbour that includes a verdant jungle foreground and a more elevated shot of the city, given The Peak is 554m high.

Accessible via The Peak tram (or a good hike), a tip for filming is going post-rainfall, as downpours help visibility — so you’ll get a clearer view. Otherwise, go during the afternoon or sunset for a gilded cityscape.

Tamar Park

For more urban greenery, try the tranquil Tamar Park (which also includes views of Victoria Harbour). The vast design-led lawns paired with Hong Kong’s contemporary architecture make a great walk-and-talk filming location that’s versatile enough for general content, yet won’t overpower your visuals. There are also landscaped gardens and water features — so lots of options for shot backgrounds.

About Shootsta

Shootsta is the only subscription-based, scalable video solution in the world, helping brands like yours to create engaging content – ready to share in just 24 hours. Unlike your typical video production company in Hong Kong, we offer the pre-production and shoot training and support – as well as post-production by our professional editors – to bring your video ideas to life. So whether you’re in marketing, internal communications, training, human resources or sales, we’ve got the video-at-scale model to drive your ‘always on’ content needs. Because everyone deserves to create video stories that resonate. Shootsta: it’s video, simplified.

Want to digitally transform the way your business communicates? Go #videofirst – and get Shootsta today.

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