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"Last year we paid a lot for a video agency to deliver our videos, mainly utilising stock footage and our own asset footage. This year, because spending was tightened, we took the management of this project inhouse and saved a lot of budget by utilising the production team at Shootsta to work closely to our brief to deliver."

Hayley Carruthers

Digital Engagement Manager, Charter Hall

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Shootsta cost?

Our 12-month subscription packages are calculated based on the number of videos you purchase. The more videos you buy, the cheaper your cost per video will be. Reach out to our team who can walk you through our pricing in detail, including any extras you may want based on your video needs. At Shootsta, we’re happy to have a no-commitment chat anytime.

Can I buy a one-off video?

No, we only sell multiple videos as an annual subscription package. This means that our customers get greater value at a significantly cost-effective rate over the length of their agreement with us. If you’re after hero content, e.g. one-off video production projects, reach out and we’ll point you in the right direction of some of our trusted partners.

What’s the minimum number of videos I can buy in a year?

The minimum number of videos you can purchase is 10 videos a year. Our average client consumption of video credits is around 48 per year, with some clients producing over 300 videos! At Shootsta, we aim to set you up for success on your video journey. Once you’re fully trained and worked with our creative experts, you’ll find it hard to stop making videos! Don’t worry, you can buy additional credits along the way if you need to top up.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription at any time?

Yes, we have fluid subscription packages that allow you to upgrade at any time. We even allow you to carry over unused credits so that you never have a chance to lose any video content you want to make with us.

What is Shootsta’s HUB?

The Shoosta HUB is our all-in-one secure cloud-based platform that redefines the video creation experience from end-to-end. That’s right, you can Plan, Create, Collaborate, Store, and Share video projects with anyone, anywhere, all in one central location. It’s also the place to submit your video project briefs, share your reviews & comments in real time and to share your official Branded Animation Suite with your own team and Shootsta’s editors. On top of this you’ll be able to access our Inspiration Library, Video Templates and Stock Footage.

How are you different from a video production agency?

Unlike a traditional agency, we don’t manage your video projects end-to-end. We're here to empower you to create your own videos which ultimately reduces your video production costs. We also reduce your project turnaround times with our 24 or 48 hour editing service all produced by human editors (we pride ourselves on our local teams of professional editors!). We’ll train you how to effectively shoot professional video on your own camera, phones or using one of our customised camera kits. You can then upload your footage directly into Shootsta’s Hub so you can start sharing your video content as soon as possible. With a subscription to Shootsta, you also get consistency across all your video projects.

How are you different from an editing app?

Unlike a video editing app, the videos you upload to Shootsta are made by real, human editors you can brief and talk to about your video project. We have a team of professional editors around the globe who will take on all the hard work for you. They will work with you to bring your vision to life and will even guide you on how to take your video project to the next level within 24 or 48 hours - depending on the turnaround time of your subscription. Our editors know your branding and will make sure it’s applied correctly an

Do you use a network of freelance editors?

No, all of our professional editors are full-time employees of Shootsta. Before Covid, they all sat in our offices in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, London or San Diego, along with our Account Managers and Creative Advisors. Now they either still sit in the office (when local regulations allow!) or virtually from their home offices. They are also located in your local region so you always have someone to speak with in your time zone and in your local language! We are a strong believer in quality and consistency - your brand shouldn’t accept anything less so we hire the best local talent to support you.